My 5 Favourite iPhone Apps

5. TED Mobile

I’m a big fan of the TED talks, and TED Mobile makes an appearance on an almost religious basis for a regular dose of intelligence. Its a fairly simple app with the latest talks easily available.

4. TVCatchup

I can’t remember the last time I turned my TV – with internet TV proving itself as a much more convenient and flexible option for TV consumption. TVCatchup app for iPhone collates a list of internet TV channels including all the popular ones such as BBC One, ITV1, Channel 4, E4, Dave, Film4, etc etc etc. The list of live TV channels is extensive to say the least, and renders cable TV somewhat redundant.

3. TuneIn Radio

Possibly one of the most comprehensive lists of internet radio stations on this fair planet, with excellent searching ability and genre categorization. Simply searching for “christmas” brought up a list of radio stations specialising in christmas songs. I especially enjoy having Dutch radio stations on tap to keep my linguistic skills polished.

2. AroundMe

While I wish the AroundMe app has more information and features, its extremely useful for traveling and spontaneous activities. While in Plymouth I used this app to find places to eat on every night of our stay, when we wanted somewhere close but of a certain style. We found the fantastic “Posatino Restaurant” in plymouth with this app, and for that experience alone AroundMe earns its spot as my second favourite app.

1. Waze

Waze is a free sat nav app with community interaction. Combining traffic reports with data from other travelers, Waze gives you the extremely accurate estimated times of arrival, and gives you real-time information about surrounding road conditions including hazards, average speeds, road works, etc.

Possibly my favourite part of the Waze App is the ability to identify where speed traps are hiding, and sharing this information with other travels. In turn, other travels can give you a heads up an where and when the police and trying to catch people out.

Waze is still a very new app, and while 95% of navigation is flawless, there are still times when it sends you to scotland via mongolia. TomTom and other sat-navs also aren’t flawless, the brilliant part of Waze is that if you notice a problem you can notify the map editors and with 24 hours anomalies are usually fixed. I know of atleast a few intersections where the Waze data totally out-strips other Sat Navs.

The traffic reporting is also superior to any other sat nav due to the community input of live data.

Probably not an good app for people who are paranoid about big brother knowing everything, but I live on planet earth and Waze is an excellent and revolutionary app.

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