Article Marketing & Matt Cutts’ Parrots…


Almost daily I hear or read another SEO Parrot repeating, often out of context, whatever the latest Matt Cutts video talked about. SEO Parrots are semi intelligent creatures that pretend to be what they aren’t, and repeat what they hear Read more ›

Bad SEO – Reposting your content


So many SEO’s talk about “article marketing” but there are far too many SEO’s committing SEO suicide under the label of “Article Marketing”. Lets talk about EzineArticles and the Google “Farmer Update” (as it’s been coined) – the aim of Read more ›

Selective Domain Link Redirects – Black Hat SEO


In this purely educational, don’t try this at home, black hat seo strategy, we are buying up expired and aged domain names using our favourite tool, domainface pro, and then we are selectively redirecting the backlinks from that old expired Read more ›