Google Page Previews


New from Google, apparently just a few hours ago, another update to the Google interface and user experience which goes by the name of “Google Instant Previews” – which are essentially page previews of search results. My initial thoughts are: Read more ›

Google Plus Review – Initial thoughts


Google is notoriously bad at getting social right. Buzz was over complicated and poorly launched, Wave was over complicated (but amazing) and poorly launched, Gmail was simple, effective and extremely well launched… G+ is using the Gmail launch process (exclusivity Read more ›

Article Marketing & Matt Cutts’ Parrots…


Almost daily I hear or read another SEO Parrot repeating, often out of context, whatever the latest Matt Cutts video talked about. SEO Parrots are semi intelligent creatures that pretend to be what they aren’t, and repeat what they hear Read more ›

SEO Guide for 2011


Split Testing Google is most definitely split testing search results and has probably been split testing for the whole of 2010 – I may have taken almost a year to write about it, but I’ve been watching intently as the Read more ›

Google knows our CTR’s


A fairly recent update to Google webmaster tools allows us to see click through rates for our pages. This seemed to excite the SEO community in that it’s the first data available that gives us Googles real CTR figures for Read more ›