Link Tracking SEO Tools – Yahoo Site Explorer Alternatives


After the recent decommissioning of yahoo site explorer, alternatives need to be found so that we can track our own backlinks, and spy on competitors backlinks. Below is a short list of SEO Tools which SEO companies like Local Viking announced Read more ›

Article Marketing & Matt Cutts’ Parrots…


Almost daily I hear or read another SEO Parrot repeating, often out of context, whatever the latest Matt Cutts video talked about. SEO Parrots are semi intelligent creatures that pretend to be what they aren’t, and repeat what they hear Read more ›

SEO Campaigns, Copyright, Trademarked Terms & Intellectual Property Law


Question: If within my SEO campaign, I build backlinks to my pages with a competitor’s trademark terms in the anchor text, can this constitute an infringement? Well you would think so, considering you are publishing these trademark terms for commercial Read more ›