Slick Slider is an open source 3d printed camera slider with Pan, Tilt, Slide, Zoom and Focus functions. The system can accommodate many use cases with appropriate software, and the current software development focus is on programmable sequences to allow accurate and repeatable multi-step filming routines. Alternative softwares would allow for excellent time-lapse capabilities.

Current Parts List:

Latest updates:

Design Criteria:

  1. Use commonly available components as much as possible throughout the design, and limit the number of different components required.
  2. Keep the cost of production as low as possible without compromising on operation.
  3. Versatile camera mounting options including larger and heavier cinecams
  4. Parts designed to print easily with minimal support.
  5. Operates as quietly as possible
  6. Acceleration control

Project Status:

In active development as at September 2020.

Currently Version 1.2 hardware is in testing. It includes the following improvements:

  • switching from gears for the tilt axis to belt drive for higher gear reduction and quieter operation
  • Switched from standard to double helical gears for the pan axis to reduce backlash and noise.
  • The carriage is also improved for a wider stance, and modified position of rollers so as to secure the carriage to the tube.]
  • Substantially reducing overall height
  • Added some cable management

Currently using 32 microstep stepper controllers, but there is an immediate plan to switch to 256 microstep controllers.

Software currently features acceleration control without any delay between sequence steps. Software development will now focus on optional acceleration and deceleration for each step, mid-sequence calculations to enable effective deceleration, and UI controls needs to be moved into a timer interrupt routine to make them quicker, smoother and more accurate.

Slick Slider V1.1 with steppers installed

Slick Slider V1.1 model in Fusion 360

Slick Slider V1.2 model in Fusion 360