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There is a youtube channel I think you should know about – its called "Walk Off The Earth" and I have to say they have entertaining with music down. Its a small group of young and talented Canadians with guitars, bongo’s, maracas etc.

I was introduced to "walk off the earth" with this video of five people playing one guitar… and it actually sounds good. Its a nice chilled out song, but unfortunately not an original.

The next video I wanted to show you is a cover of Radiohead’s "Karma Police" which features loop pedals and the throwing of guitars, possibly most importantly it features a ukulele… and I’ve just bought a ukulele so I have a little fondness for anything which features a nice use of ukulele. If that isn’t enough to entertain you…. puppets… yes puppets!

The final video is a Walk Off The Earth original track which is right down my alley. Fun, upbeat, bongos…

I’m a little dependent on music in my life, it helps me work, it helps me relax, it helps aid my concentration on long drives… Walk Off The Earth have share a bit of vibe with my all time favourite band, The Cat Empire, and Walk Off The Earth is a treasure I think you need to know about

Check out some of their other videos for other entertaining tricks (such as switching positions on a piano seamlessly.)

Walk Off The Earth…. check them out!

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