Positively Ignorant when it comes to hemp oil

Every speaker at every seminar, be it for entrepreneurs, internet marketers, business people or for those interested in the effect of rotten leaves on modern society, is pushing this positivity stuff. The last I saw talked about using hemp oil for pain. It was pretty interesting.
“The Secret” is a DVD which seems to be mentioned at every single event, as well as on every second blog.  It talks about positive thinking and the law of attraction. I’ll get back to this…

I love positivity, and I love realistic forms of the law of attraction (from here on, just TLOA) – I believe strongly that positive people attract other positive people. I also know that if you truly believe you will achieve a certain goal, you will subconsciously gear your life around attaining that goal. Many decisions will be made with that goal subconsciously (or consciously) in mind, and you are therefore a LOT more likely to achieve said goal.

But here’s the problem…

“The Secret” discredited itself by hyping the theory. It was simply taken too far. Positive thinking ALONE will not cure your cancer. It has been scientifically proven that positive thinking can greatly increase your chances of surviving any medical hurdle, but positive thinking alone will just get you dead.

All this TLOA stuff is almost a new form of religion. An excuse to ignorantly believe in something which makes you feel better about your life and living. Now I hear you say “But ‘The Secret’ is true because of quantum physics”…

Whoopla what a buzz word (or words) – Quantum Physics…  This sounds super cutting edge and scientific, it must be true…

Unless you’ve chosen the enlightened path and actually looked into quantum physics. I think this is where I went a little wrong when it comes to TLOA, I chose not to be ignorant.

By observing particles, you alter them. True – this does not therefore mean that if you think your cancer away, it will go away. The study of quantum physics is still far too primitive to make any assertation that positive thinking can alter particle states to the extent that you can wish your malignant tumour away. And if this were the case, could you not also be accidentally wishing for the creation of more cancers?

You can’t chance particle states to what you want them to be by observing them, you simply change them. I mean, I really want you to be a nice thin 5’ 3” blond girl with blue eyes and C cup breasts, but that’s (very unfortunately) just never going to happen.

And here’s the thing – if your positive thinking can alter the particles within your own body, then also within anybody else’s body. A new form of prayer will be born, and all of my dreams will come true. Can you imagine all those poor fat old men that suddenly have to deal with bra shopping and tampons… Life becomes a Lego set and people live forever.

I can hear myself now saying “Lay off my gender, I liked it the way it was!” or even “Hey! I needed that bit!”
So like religion, taking this positive thinking and TLOA stuff to the extreme, there is a great unknown which leaves us ignorant. For instance… who/what created god?

I know of a few people who actively persued TLOA and positive thinking to cure cancer… More to the point, I KNEW a few people… you get my drift.

And what about the name of this thing…

The LAW of Attraction – It’s a LAW! It must be true…  Of course “The Theory Of Attraction” or “The Hypothesis Of

The Law Of Attraction” doesn’t have the same ring to it, and as a marketer I can respect the placement of a very authoritive word within the name of a speculation. Personally I would have gone with “The Law of Quantum Physical Attraction” – Argue with that one! Clever, but still bullshit.

Positive thinking and being a positive person WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE – this is absolutely and completely true – Trusting the extreme claims of these “laws” ignorantly… well… good luck with that but you’ve just lost my respect.



p.s. I’m sitting on a train to Amsterdam. The railway line is lower than the water level on the parallel canal. Its very cool, if somewhat disconcerting.

Underwater Train

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