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Location Independence is what us Internet people aspire to. Being able to work from anywhere in the world because all our affairs are managed online. Our accounts, invoicing, lead tracking and emails are all hosted online accessible from any internet connection, and our staff can be managed remotely.

Even phone lines can be diverted via VOIP to any internet connection.

To many people Location Independence simply means being able to take care of our affairs whenever we have access to the Internet. With the invention of the 3G Dongle we can sit on a park bench with our laptops and do what we need to do.

But I’ve hit barriers when I’ve wanted to share my 3G internet connection with others, and when visiting clients inside a buildings with poor mobile phone reception. And when we’re out in the bush, or in open fields, what happens when our laptop batteries run down?

The solution has been to run a wireless router in my car, which can stay connected and which can be accessed by multiple people within 50 meters (or more, if we are outdoors). I’m also running 240v power from my car battery which keeps the laptops charged.

These are the pieces of the In Car Wireless puzzle.

I need power: 150w 12v to 240v Car Power Inverter (Ebay)

And a 3G Internet Dongle (Funnily enough my provider is “3”)

And a 3G Router capable of connecting to 3G via a USB port: Netgear MBR624GU (Refurbished models available on ebay for £50)

By running a 3G dongle through a 3G router we can treble our 3G reception and hence internet speeds because there is more power running to the 3G dongle which can also be placed in a better position (like out of the sunroof as in the picture below.)

Myself and 10 others can share the internet connection wherever we are, which has been great for business sabbaticals. We roll down to the waters edge, fire up the 3G Wireless, and crack on with the important (and often bloody boring) tasks for the day.

Travelling for conferences or visiting clients we can run a strong steady wireless connection in the car and in hotel rooms. It just makes life so much easier, and more fun, and more relaxing.

One thought on “Location Independent – In Car Wireless – 3G Router

  1. Great. Not much good where I am as no 3G but that still doesn’t stop me wanting one.

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