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How many people do you know that work an average job, live in an average house and drive an average car? They have one average holiday per year with their 2.3 children.

If someone were to ask me that question, the answer would be “the vast majority” – which is why these people fall into the “average” box.

Below the average group we have the “less fortunate” (I’m being politically correct here, catch me with a beer and you might hear a more blatant opinion) and above average we have the privileged.

Wealth isn’t calculated in dollars, its calculated in quality of life. As such, people who have never done anything for their money still fall into the “average” box as far as I’m concerned.

So what makes us DIY/Entrepreneurs different from Joe (first name average)?

I was sitting with friends and family having dinner today excitedly telling the people close to me about how on the internet we can effectively invest $5, and earn $15.


Joe doesn’t want to be different, Joe isn’t interested in exceeding, Joe is just satisfied… and thats it.

I’ve floated ideas to Joe’s many times, and each time, even if Joe understands the idea, nothing ever comes from it.

Looking back, I once started an online newspaper with a journalist friend, she republished two articles which were 6 months old, and despite the attention our little news site received, she lost interest and never wrote for it again.

I am absolutely convinced had we continued with the plan, recruiting other journalists to write with us (in partnership rather than on salary) our little news site would have some major value two years down the line, enough for each of us to retire.

This project never got off the ground because after 80 hours of commitment on my part building the site, this journalist spent 15 mins emailing me two old articles. Her name was Joe.

I had an ebay business when I was 16, in partnership with another friend. We were buying old computers at auction, reconditioning them and then selling them on through ebay. We were earning a very good income, and the business was growing as each weeks profits allowed us to buy more stock.

After four weeks, despite our success and the easy money we earned, my friend lost interest. His name was Joe and I ended up buying a bunch of remote control airplanes, a new computer and 6 weeks overseas.

I once wrote an passionate post on a popular technology site suggesting talented web developers team up together working in our free time to build an online empire. From 62 replies, one person, Tom, was positive about the idea, 61 were flamers. I think they were all called Joe.

What I experienced tonight was Joe’s disinterest in anything more than average. A disinterest in new ideas and ways to be more than just a Joe. I haven’t been used to this, having worked with four other brilliant entrepreneurs during the last 6 months.

Unlike Joe, my colleagues Mark Attwood, Kenny Goodman, Donal Doherty and Nathan Ridley get excited about new ideas. They laugh, they giggle, they jump up and down (Mark even does cartwheels)! They have a passion for being and doing more!!! (They also have google alerts on their names :-) hi guys!)

So my question to you is: What is your name in 2009?

5 thoughts on “Joe Just Doesn’t Care!!!

  1. This is my favorite post of 2009! Of course since it’s Jan 1st it’s the only post I’ve read in 2009, but it’s still my favorite.

    I think most of us that make our living online have run into a lot of “Joe’s” and it can be very disheartening.

    2008 was the year I finally found a few NON-Joe’s to work with and the results are truly amazing.

    It’s nice to say words like friendfeed, backlinking, SEO and “There’s no charge for Awesomeness” and have people actually not give me the blank stare..

    Of course, these amazing people are all my Twitter friends from around the world, so I can’t actually tell if they are giving me the blank stare but at least they send back a good 140 characters.

    Thanks Vince for this well-written post:-)

  2. Vince, what a fantastic post. This is so true and something all entrepreneurs have to deal with when it comes to family and some friends.

    I read somewhere recently that you should carefully consider the people you spend the most time with. The top 8 people who occupy your time will have the most influence on your mental attitude and emotions. So, it’s wise to avoid the Average Joes in this world.

    Think you have it sussed by hanging out with the rest of the Manchester Mob. That sort of passion and commitment is rare.

  3. It took Joe awhile – Joe wasn’t as self aware in those days as he is now. He lived in his head. Eventually, he learned what it meant to be Joe and he vowed never to be Joe again.

  4. admin on

    To Joe’s credit, he somehow found my blog post and responded. This particular Joe always did show a lot of potential, but I think he got lost in a cloudy narcotic haze for a while.

    I’m hoping eBay Joe changed his name and I’d be happy to hear more about it.

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