Heading Over Seas – Leaving the cold behind!

On Monday I jump on a plane back to Cambodia for two months to explore some exciting opportunities and team up with some old friends.
I bought the new Macbook last week in preparation – These things are sweet! The new multi-touch keypad is revolutionary to productivity! It’s the first time I’ve not felt restricted when using a touch pad rather than a normal mouse!
My flight transfers are a little close so I’m only taking hand luggage. Typical geek traveling with two laptops and no clothes… not a single item of clothing will find its way into my suitcase. When shirts cost £0.75, why bother?
I was worried the boys would miss me, so we have set up a permanent two way video conferencing link, and I can remote into my office workstation from my mac. This trip is going to be a good test of how easily we can work remotely. It’s also going to be a bit of fun sitting on a tropical beach with a laptop while the boys back in Manchester rug up and stay indoors.
Until Monday there won’t be a single sober night – tropics here I come!!!

One thought on “Heading Over Seas – Leaving the cold behind!

  1. Brenda Dominguez on

    Can you please tell me how I could use screenflow in a PC?

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