Goals for 2009

With the new year coming in, its traditional to set some goals for what we would like to acheive in the year ahead.

Many people will aim to quit smoking, or lose weight. Another group aim to earn $xxx,xxx in the year ahead, or buy a house, or a car. Unfortunately I don’t smoke, and I’m already a little bit too skinny, I’m not bothered with my income as its more than sufficient, and I don’t know which country I would like to buy my first house in, so I’m not fussed with that one either.

I’m a little different

In 2009 I want to increase the power, size and capability of the Manchester Mob SEO lab.

I would like to be working with:

  • A team of 20 in house copy writers, in addition to our teams overseas.
  • A team of 10 talented personal assistants to do as I command “try this, do that”
  • 5 folk managing online assets…
  • And finally, 5 additional developers producing tools to enable the world domination we have planned.

We already have a wonderful (and powerful) Internet Marketing team, lead by Mark Attwood, Kenny Goodman, Donal Doherty, Nathan Ridley and myself. I have a wonderful assistant Rick, and other notable characters in the team include Tehera, Kayt, Louise, John, Jay, Steve and Alex. I would like to wish all of the team a very very happy new year, and I hope you are all prepared for the ride ahead. It will be WONDERFUL!

So there are my goals set in the ether of the web – no luck is required, just hard work and a lot of fun!

Best wishes for 2009 everyone!

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