Fledgling Businesses and Startups – Roping up together

I got a fantastic message today from a good friend in the US – We first started working together quite a few years ago when we were both in fledgling business ventures.

Me: “How’s Business”
Her: “Good, a little too good!”

That’s what I like to hear!

I’ve given her a lot of my own business over the years, and I’ve provided her with a lot of other peoples business too. In many cases I’ve helped her squeeze higher profit margins and sometimes still a commission for me. For the most part I’m referring other business friends to her on a “mates rates, no commission” basis.

We spoke at length about expanding her business – which she did by 45,000% in the space of a few months. We’ve maintained a great relationship.

I pay her immediately, I keep trying to find her more work, and in exchange she prioritizes my work and keeps my prices at rock bottom. This is invaluable in my business and helps me get higher profit margins while still undercutting the competition.

This is the story of one person – but I’ve got relationships with lots of similar business people who started off where I did, as a fledgling. To date, without exception, the businesses within my network who’ve embraced the concept and shared leads, services and resources, have grown substantially and profitably.

The point of this post is absolutely not to boast about this – more I’m describing a concept that I feel is extremely beneficial for business startups.

If fledgling startups work together generously, each will inevitable help the others succeed, thereby succeeding themselves.

In my opinion Greed is the biggest barrier to a successful business.

  • Paying yourself loads
  • Paying sales staff nothing with unattainable commissions structures
  • Driving down suppliers on price to a point of silliness
  • Being paranoid with ideas
  • Trying to charge stupid profit margins
  • Demanding commission on every referral
  • Getting more at the expense of your integrity

Don’t do it – it’ll be your own demise.

If you share my philosophies on business lets speak soon because I’m looking forward to joining you for an evening barbecue on your yacht in the Mediterranean.

5 thoughts on “Fledgling Businesses and Startups – Roping up together

  1. I agree with your article very much. usually the day the lure of greed walks into a business is the day it begins to go downhill in quality.

  2. Stanley Perry on

    Just wanted to post my thanks for posting this. Youv’e taken the taps right out of my keyboard.

  3. Sheila Walker on

    Well explained and so true. Wish others thought the same way, we’d be better off.

  4. Glenn Forrest on

    Business too good? Wow wish I had that problem.

  5. Great post. Look forward to connecting with you and business being ‘too good’

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