Do you even want success?

I’ve been reasonably astounded recently. In the past few weeks I’ve approached three individuals with exciting propositions in partnership with myself. Immediate money makers. Clear step by step systems to generate decent incomes. All with a $0 buy in and $0 to spend.

Not only that, I’ve offered these individuals, who have very basic internet marketing knowledge, my own time and guidance.

Two of the three haven’t been able to pluck up the motivation to move forward with these projects. They express extreme interest at the suggestion, but they just can’t get themselves motivated.
Personally I just don’t understand it. If somebody offers you guaranteed success, you bloody take it surely?

I don’t like to make money for myself. It may seem a little strange, but I’m just not interested in making money. I’m interested in bringing other people along for the ride. And there are so many brilliant opportunities, I like to bring as many people as possible into the lifestyle.

These systems that I’ve shared with these people, are money makers. I’ve tested them all myself, and they work. Not only do they work, they work really really well. When I’ve shown these individuals my results, they get VERY VERY excited…

But then it fizzles….

Is it a fear of success? Is it a disinterest in life?

Whatever it is, get over it and get on with living.

One of the three is a super star. I’ve known him for a long long time, since we ran an eBay business together when I was 16. He is an exceptional developer, and he’s taken a proposed concept and really started to roll with it. His progress is consistent, and his enthusiasm unwavering.

Dave Berry will be a millionaire.

So if you are working with others, burn the dead wood and keep looking for more super stars. The greatest satisfaction I can ever get is to bring others success, and I highly recommend it.

4 thoughts on “Do you even want success?

  1. michelle frost on

    Well said vince! I love your passion :-)

  2. Vince,
    If you are ever looking to for individuals to offer your concepts to I willing and waiting. Keep up the great work and I am eagerly awaiting the screenflow video on the PC.

  3. I hear you …. loud and clear. Nothing like a swift kick in the patootie to get me remotivated. Will = Way :-)

  4. admin on

    Karen sweet heart – have you ever heard the song “You’re So Vain” you probably think this blog post is about you ;-)

    The world should know Karen Kramer is a charging army in and of herself.

    Loving that you used my “will = way” formula :p

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