Child Birth – Poor Dad!

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A very close friend became an auntie today – but something she said got me thinking.

And its no isolated case – everybody seems to forget the mechanics behind having children.

“Little William was born today – Mother and Child are doing well” – what about bloody dad?

Dad’s probably got a burst eardrum from all the screaming, a broken hand from all the squeezing, and he’s never looking at his wife’s bits the same way ever again. The poor guy is probably shattered mentally and physically…
… or maybe people prefer to ignore the negatives on such a happy occasion.

3 thoughts on “Child Birth – Poor Dad!

  1. Yeah, poor dad. He shot his load nine months ago and now he has put up with listening to his wife scream and hold his hand?!?! Can’t the poor guy get a break?!

    Sheesh, guys have it rough nowadays.

  2. here here! 38hrs my mrs was in labour for, then rushed away on the trolley with midwifes and doctors shouting some code that I didnt quite understand yet knew wasnt good, I was left in the room on my own without a clue what was going on for over 10 mins…( a long time when you are in that situation!)

    noone asked me how I was doing!, but mother and baby were fine in the end so from my point of view thats all that mattered…would have been nice to of been asked though!

  3. mike on

    true !
    however nobody ever made an omlette without breaking an egg…….so that takes us back 9,
    well such is life

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