Why Twitters Promoted Tweets will die.

Twitter announced they were going to offer promoted tweets as a way to earn some money (finally) – but its not going to work…

Most people use twitter via a client, which is the reason twitter needed to take the “Promoted Tweets” route rather than just displaying advertising on twitters web console. And here-in lies the problem… Twitter isn’t, and can’t be, Google.

Twitter will need to distribute these promoted tweets by one of the following methods:

- Unsolicited – You receive a tweet from somebody you aren’t following, either in your twitter feed, or as a direct message.


-You will receive a message @’ed at you.


-Twitter promoted tweets will be placed in preferential positions on twitter search pages

I doubt the second option is viable, since the senders twitter page would be spammed with @ messages. If they try to be clever, its not hard to cross reference an @ message you receive with the senders page to see if it actually exists. So we’ll cross that one off the list.

Displaying tweets in a promoted position on the twitter search pages poses a few problems. First of all the traffic will be comparatively tiny, and this whole advertising plan won’t make much dosh. Secondly the people searching on twitter are searching for tweets, and if they were searching for any kind of products or services they would use Google. And thirdly, the clients will be able to filter these promoted items, rendering them useless.

The unsolicited tweets might seem like the best option, but again, a twitter client can easily cross reference the list of people it follows, to the tweets being received… The traffic might be initially massive, but the twitter clients will send twitter promoted tweets to the grave.

Twitter Promoted Tweets

Apparently twitter has chosen to display promoted tweets in the search results… but this is just the beginning. Watch this space…

One thought on “Why Twitters Promoted Tweets will die.

  1. So I guess that is why they recently tried to stop all of the separate Twitter “clients” because it makes it much harder to create a coherent financial strategy.

    Christopher Fuller

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