Value of SEO Traffic vs Value of PPC Traffic

Here is some of my own data on the value comparison between SEO Traffic and PPC Traffic.

Its been widely widely reported that SEO Traffic is more valuable than PPC Traffic, and at least on the basis of these numbers (without tracking the conversion figures of each) this seems to be the case.

SEO Traffic PPC Traffic Difference
Bounce Rate 30.4% 36.45% 19.9%
Pages Per Visit 5.3 4.28 23.8%
Time On Site 3:26 3:06 10.7%

Its also possible that PPC is delivering more relevant pages to the visitor resulting in fewer required clicks, less time spent on site and a higher bounce rate, but considering these stats came from an online store with a call center, I know I would rather higher figures on each of these.

These figures are based on 40,000 PPC visitors and 60,000 SEO visitors, so they are definitely statistically relevant.

Interestingly Yahoo SEO traffic performed about as well as Google PPC traffic, and Bing traffic also compared with Google PPC traffic other than the average Time on Site being just 2:40…

Get these figures for yourself:

  1. 1. In your google analytics go to the traffic sources page
  2. 2. Click on “Google (Organic)”
  3. 3. Write down these numbers
  4. 4. Click on “Google (CPC)”
  5. 5. Compare these numbers to the Organic traffic figures.

One thought on “Value of SEO Traffic vs Value of PPC Traffic

  1. Interesting data. We have seen figures very similar to this, however conversion rates seem to be a different story, adwords converts about 1.9% and SEO is down to 0.7%. In my experience so far PPC converts better than organic traffic.


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