The inLinks Passive Income Strategy

I’ve promised to lay my cards on the table, and I’m doing that now.

That said – the typical disclaimer, I’m not making any guarantees of any form, my results may not be typical, not every site will make money and it’s a percentages game. There are affiliate links in this post, but for the sake of providing credible information without compromise I’ve also included non-affiliate links if that makes you more comfortable taking action.

As far as I’m aware, this is the first time this strategy has been publicly spoken about, and as far as I’m aware, fewer than 5 people knew about this strategy at the time of posting.

Straight to the point:

K.I.S.S – Something apple does very well. So that’s where I will start, so let me summarize the strategy in its most simple form, but first I need to say don’t rush ahead on implementing this strategy as there are many ways to improve its efficiency in a very big way.

Now let me interject here very quickly, and point out that there is a LOT of work involved in implementing this strategy manually… but let me also say I’ve got some crude scripts which automate massive chunks of the process, and don’t worry, they will be free…

So here is the K.I.S.S. outline of the strategy:

Step 1. Create a blog,
Step 2. Add original free content to that blog automatically.
Step 3. Sell links within that content automatically.

We face a few problems here – where do we get the content from? And how do we manage the sale of links? The solutions are below… but first, let me show you some results.

I like to split my inLinks network sites up into different inlinks accounts just in case I decide to sell the sites down the track, I can sell the inLinks account with them. Here is a screenshot of the earnings from my oldest one which has about $250/year in costs associated with it in hosting and domain name renewals. I started installing the sites on november 23rd, and as you can see within its first full month the network of sites was earning a profit. I ramped up slowly through each following month, and stopped ramping up this particular account in march, moving on to installing sites in other accounts. Still, the income continues to grow every single month.

Excited? This is the real shit – the real screenshots – the real numbers. This is real, 100% passive income! This is REAL! Of course its natural and healthy to still be skeptical, but trust me, start getting excited! You should have seen me, on holiday in asia, sitting on a beach looking at the numbers. I was dancing! I was causing a huge scene! Within a month I was passively earning double the monthly wage of the guy who was cracking open a coconut for me.

I’m not going to tell you what I’m earning monthly from this strategy, but I am going to tell you there is no reason why you can’t be making similar amounts many times over.

So on to solving those problems…

I’ve done the manual sale of links thing in the past, and it’s horrible to manage. Lots and lots of work for piddly bits of money, and if there is a recurring fee, way too much hassle tracking links and payments. I’ve also done the automated sale of links, but those systems were all finger-printable and lots of people got slapped. This was the case recently with Text Link Ads where websites that had Text Link Ads installed were slapped, and websites that had purchased ads were also slapped.

inLinks solves these problems by providing a wordpress plugin which manages the placement and sale of all ads, without a substantial footprint. While inLinks also provides other plugins, I am only going to focus on inLinks on wordpress blogs.

The only footprint to speak of is in the direct access of the inlinks.php plugin in the wordpress plugins folder, however this potential footprint was noticed within 4 months of launch, and now you can give the plugin a random file name, essentially solving the problem. Security by obscurity.

At this point, you may as well sign up for inLinks.

I’m giving you the option of two links, this one is with my affiliate code (thank you), and this one is without. Since you won’t be spending any money I would ask you to consider using the Affiliate Link for inLinks rather than the Affiliate-less link. However if it will help you take this strategy more seriously, then do what you need to do. Karma will thank you, as will I.

If you have any blogs, blog farms or content networks, you may as well install inLinks on those now if you feel like monetizing them a little.

The second part of the equation is the content.

There are a few ways to get that free original content, and I’m going to show you my favourite two.
The first is a paid membership – so I’m just going to tell you about it at this stage, but note that it is not required for this strategy however more content = more potential to sell links. Any automated source of content is going to pay for itself rather quickly.

Again, I’m offering you two links, a WordPress Direct link with my affiliate code and one without.  – Karma will thank you, as will I.

Back to the strategy…

A free alternative to WordPress Direct is Article Marketing Automation. There is a paid version of AMA, and mark my words it is the single most powerful SEO tool available to the public. Let me repeat that… THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL SEO TOOL!!! But we don’t need to pay a cent to use AMA for our needs. So again, you have the option of a link with an affiliate code to register free to Article Marketing Automation, or one without. AMA was recently white labeled and sold by an affiliate, however AMA was the original service and both brandings use exactly the same system and network.

On the SEO side, Article Marketing Automation is a premium level article distribution platform with the most sophisticated and flexible spinning code around. The creators have also implemented a very restrained article distribution model which maintains the quality and integrity of the network, hence providing you with much higher quality backlinks.

But they also offer a free service which will post content onto your blog via XML-RPC. This doesn’t require you to install any plugins, you simply need to activate the XML-RPC service in wordpress and add your site to the AMA network. You can select a category to add your site to, and you can tell AMA how many articles to post to your blog per day.

Obviously the two sides of AMA compliment each other. People add their site for free, and AMA distributes articles from paid memberships to those sites. Brilliant concept and the guys behind it are absolute geniuses.

So basically to re-hash what I’ve said so far, you buy a domain name, install wordpress, add the site to the AMA network, and then install inlinks. Let me elaborate…

1) Domain Name

The domain name doesn’t particularly matter much, if you can include some nice keywords it doesn’t hurt, but at the end of the day I’ve got domains which are literally things like “”
I would only recommend buying a .com in preference over a .net, .org or any of the other TLD’s. inLinks takes your domain into consideration when pricing link purchased on your sites.

You should buy your domain name at godaddy as this will open up more possibilities later down the track. You will also need some hosting for your domain – again I suggest you go with a GoDaddy deluxe plan as you can add unlimited websites with that account and the hosting cost is quickly offset when you add more and more domain names.

You can get a domain for $7.49 through this affiliate link can get a domain for $7.49 through this affiliate link however if you purchase a deluxe hosting plan for $7/month through this link you can get your first domain name for $2 (at the time when I wrote this post anyway.)

So this time you will need to spend some money, here is a link with my affiliate code, and here is one without.

In order to make any kind of decent income you won’t just be working with one domain name, you will eventually ramp up this strategy in a big way, but I will elaborate on that later.

2) Installing WordPress

This part is reasonably simple – if you have bought more than one domain name you can use the same database for each, just change the table prefix on each install. This way you can install unlimited wordpress blogs on the one hosting plan, even though it only allows 25 mySQL databases.

There are only two settings you really need to change – the first is to enable XML-RPC, and the second is to set up some permalinks. Just anything with /%postname%/ in it is fine.

3) Adding your site to Article Marketing Automation

You need to have created a free account (if not, here is a link) and now you need to log in and navigate to the “my sites” page – click the “Add” button and follow the steps – its very simple. Personally I like to post 25 articles to each blog per day, however I have also had success with higher and lower numbers.

I will do a little follow up post with the most profitable categories later

4) Let it cook…

You will need to let your sites cook for about 2-3 weeks. This is to allow AMA to post a reasonable amount of content, which will naturally build you some backlinks and lower your alexa rank. After about 2-3 weeks you should have sufficient backlinks and posts, and your alexa rank should be low enough for your site to be accepted into the inlinks network.

5) Install inLinks on your blog

This is simple enough – just follow the steps

6) Twiddle your thumbs and enjoy the passive income

Essentially that is the process –

But what about making the process as efficient as possible? The margins can be quite small here, and its a matter of casting the net wide and catching as many fish as possible.

So, here are two ways to earn a higher margin using this strategy.

1. Aged domain names with page rank and backlinks

You can vastly increase the number of links you sell on a site by buying an aged domain name with existing page rank and backlinks – you can pick them up for cheap at the godaddy domain name aftermarket. It takes a bit of searching, but go check it out. My affiliate link for the Godaddy Domain Name Aftermarket and as per usual for those who choose, there is a link without the affiliate code here – This strategy is so effective you don’t even “need” the second tip for increasing the efficiency of this strategy, but it all helps.

2. Sub Domains

If you buy a brand new domain name you can increase the efficient of this strategy 10 fold by creating a subdomain for each categories listed in AMA and putting a blog on each and every subdomain. You also don’t have to worry about which category to choose as you just do one subdomain/blog for each. At present I believe there are 27 categories in AMA.

So lets say 5 months have passed and you’ve made a packed out of this strategy, what then?

The Exit Strategy

Head over to sitepoint or somewhere similar, and offer your network of sites (this is why its important not to stick too many domains in the same AMA/Godaddy/Inlinks accounts) and offer your network of X sites, earning $xxxx/month for 5x monthly income, a typical sale price. If I were to offer the network of sites mentioned in this post, it would collect a nice fat $3000 – If I wait another month and wait for the monthly income to compound once more, I could sell it for $4000

The Side Benefits

If you are any kind of SEO, you are building yourself a nice little blog farm here – you can easily add links into the blogrolls back to your sites and voila, you get a fair whack of SEO juice.

Those Automation Scripts

Did I lie? Whatever way you look at it, I’ve given you the entire strategy here totally free. I’ve given you affiliate links to stuff that is free, or cheap, and even links without affiliate codes. While I hope you had the gratitude to click through the affiliate links (its not too late to do so now) if you feel you received more value without, then I’m happy that way too.

But the scripts cost money – my ideas are free…

But these scripts won’t cost you money, I’m giving them to you for free…

So here is that dreaded opt-in, but unlike those other “marketers” you won’t get any of your typical sales letters from me. I’ll send you the scripts in your first email and if you do hear from me again, I promise to add value and positivity to your life.

Also, take the time to follow me on twitter – You’ll get a lot of sharp opinions, a bunch of waffle, and some cutting edge info in between.

And… you would be a bastard not to tell your friends about this post… lets face it… helping other people get rich is so much more fun than being rich yourself. If you’ve been studying marketing for a while you’ll also realise that reciprocity is ace! You’re friends will owe you one (as will I, and as will karma) – so do that now, tell your friends.

Get Those FREE Scripts Now!
Yup – The dreaded opt-in box! I, Vince Samios, do solemnly swear, to always respect the quality of what appears in your inbox.

17 thoughts on “The inLinks Passive Income Strategy

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  2. This is fantastic stuff and very generous to be sharing it for free. Just implementing it now – look forward to the results.

    Thank you

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  5. Corinne on

    Thanks Vince ~ Very cool technique and very generous of you to share it for free! Can’t wait to try it out. How long did it take you to figure this all out?

    Corinne ~ aka CoronadoCookie

  6. Vince, are you really making that much of money using this method. Ive joined the two sites for a couple of days, didn’t see anything amazing.

  7. Thatnks for sharing this strategy Samios and I have to agree that this should be doable for almost anyone. It’s a great way to begin, if you like the results, you can always ramp up your efforts.

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  9. Jim,

    Its a percentages game. On average each blog earns about $10-25 after a few months. So yes, I really am making a lot of money from this strategy.

    At my peak, I was installing 270 blogs per day, you do the maths.



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  11. Wow, this is so simple & yet it seems so effective. I def. over-complicate my strategies too much. This is nice. I’ll be trying this on the side soon..would make a nice additional stream of online income.

    Thanks for sharing!

    When I sign up for WPDirect/AMA I’ll come back and use your link. :o )

  12. Really quick. When you mention aged domains.. Do you find them in the cheap closeout section…or do u bid on actual PR domains for sale/auction?

    I find a lot of nice 5-10 year old domains with lots of results and some backlinks (closeout)…but I don’t think I’ve ever found one with actual pagerank. I use – maybe its delayed a bit over there.

  13. Hi Vince,

    I happened across a link to your recording about this the other day. (My good fortune!) I already have WPD going on a number of blogs. Now to implement Inlinks and get them producing an income for me. Thanks so, so much!

  14. SEOJim on

    A little additional help Vince (Thanks for a very informative article though. I will be using AMA in the future):

    Two points which will make this process a lot quicker.

    1) Get the CaffeinatedContent Plugin for WordPress. Just use this for the 1st batch of content. You can back-date it (hence your blog will look like it’s over a year old). You can submit to InLinks straight away.

    2) Alexa rank. I use a tool that lowers my alexa rank in 48 hours. I mean down to below 1 Million! I can’t remember where I got it but just do a search for teclance alexa script.

    Using these two methods along with what you already have in place will mean you can have a site earning money within 2 days of buying the domain.

    All the best

  15. Vince,

    Thanks for all the content on your posts! I enjoyed meeting you at the System Intensive. Got a lot to digest and do, but I’ll be back in touch!

  16. Vince, fantastic strategy and thanks for sharing. Any of the other guys who posted here got it to work for them? Vince would live to know how you install so many bolgs so quickly.

  17. SEO Jim,

    I saw your advice and looked up the teclance Alexa Script. Unfortunately it is no longer available, and nor are a number of other Alexa scripts.


  18. This needs updating Vince. Inlinks are much stricter now and don’t accept anything under PR3 and have human review. Pity!

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