The Google Backwards Slap

There’s been a big hoorah about a recent Google algorithm update that “impacts 11.8% of queries” and supposedly reduces the prevalence of splogs in serps…

Yeah um… not so much…

While some sites that do their best to only include quality content, like EzineArticles, report a drop in serp uniques of over 35%, the impact on one of my own self confessed splog networks it’s a little rosier, to the tune of more than 32% increase in unique visitors.

I’ve blurred the decimals because I don’t want these sites to be found too easily should a tenacious Google dude read this post, which is pretty much guaranteed.

I got an email from Jason Potash (no clue how I even got on his list) and he said the same thing. “For me, this latest G update had the *reverse* effect. Seriously.” – he then attributes it to the quality of his splogging but ho hum, the point remains I’m not the only one that’s noticed that this Google slap is backwards.

What still really annoys me the most about Google SERPS, is when I’m trying to find a solution to a technical problem. There are hundreds of Q&A sites that copy each others questions, yet not a single one of them seem to have an answer. is my personal pet hate and with an alexa rank of under 1000, hundreds of thousands of other people undoubtedly share my hate.

Google needs to get a bit more manual about the way it does things. Give EzineArticles the big up, and FixYa the big downs (or just de-index those useless jokers).

p.s. Hi Jason Potash – good to see you’ve got google alerts set up :-)

One thought on “The Google Backwards Slap

  1. i also wish google was manual to some extend – my websites are good ones, and my competitors with worse content rank higher than i do just ’cause they had bought an old domain name.. the so-called trusted website… and yes – fixya is AWFUL!

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