Showing my cards…


Over the last few weeks I’ve come to realize money doesn’t mean anything to me. It enables me yes, but having money just isn’t on my agenda. My real passion is working with people I like, and enabling other smart people to do what they want and love. Karma will take care of me in the end, and I have complete faith that my helping you, will pay back in a big way.

So consider this post a promise to show you exactly how I’m earning true passive income. Its crazy easy, anybody can do it, and it works. Literally $1 in, $20 out… per month…

When I first started doing this I had a moment of complete disbelief. Within a week I was earning the average wage of an entire Cambodian family. If only the third world had access to this stuff, lives would be changed. And not just a little. Lives would be literally CHANGED.

No selling, No SEO, No PPC, not even traffic. Sounds too good to be true right? Maybe that’s because this is brand new and fresh. I’ve come up with this strategy myself and I’ve only told about 4 people how its done.

This is pure, free, quality content, with no bullshit, email signups, squeeze pages or opt-ins.

Your success will make me happy, and Karma will keep me alive.

8 thoughts on “Showing my cards…

  1. Nez on

    So. Want to make that 5 people? ;-)


  2. Vince Samios on

    I want to make that 500 people, maybe even 5000.

    But relax Nez, there are so many Joe’s in the world that won’t take any action on it, you will be left with plenty of the pie to munch on.

  3. Nez on

    Oh I’m relaxed. :-)

    Why stop at 5000? You and I both know that no matter how many people you tell, 98% will do squat. The world has a never ending supply of pie.

  4. Vince Samios on

    And yet the ones eating the pie have enough self respect not to get fat :-)

  5. Bill Thomson on

    I’m listening Vince!!



  6. Have I told you lately that I love you? I’m all ears, especially if there’s pie involved ;-)

  7. Count me in the 2%. Ready and waiting for any info you are willing to share.

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