Selective Domain Link Redirects – Black Hat SEO

In this purely educational, don’t try this at home, black hat seo strategy, we are buying up expired and aged domain names using our favourite tool, domainface pro, and then we are selectively redirecting the backlinks from that old expired domain to new money sites.

For example, if we buy a domain name which happens to have backlinks from Harvard with the anchortext “buy shoes” and it also has a backlink from the state department with the anchor text “buy socks”, we seek to redirect those links to either the most appropriate pages on our website, or the most appropriate website. “Buy Socks” to our socks website, and “Buy Shoes” to our shoes website.

In this way we can buy a domain with 10,000 backlinks from high page rank and reputable web pages and with good anchor text related to what you are selling, and we can split up each of those backlinks and point them to whichever pages we would like to boost.

There are three steps to this process

First of all you need to find the old domain with lots of backlinks, domain face pro mention above is the preferred tool, once we’ve bought the domain we need to host it somewhere, simple.

Secondly we need to setup a .htaccess 301 redirect which will direct all pages to a central location. In your .htaccess file include the following line

RedirectMatch 301 (.*)

Finally we need to identify and split up the links, giving them new destinations. For this, we use the script below.

If (instr(“”, ($_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’]) {
   #First link to redirect (or all links from this domain)
   Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
   Header( "Location:" );
} else if (instr(“”, ($_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’]) {
   #Second link to redirect (or all links from this domain)
   Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
   Header( "Location:" );
} else if (instr(“”, ($_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’]) {
   #Third link to redirect (or all links from this domain), now just keep copy/pasting the “else if” statement until you’ve redirect all the links to their desired destinations.
   Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
   Header( "Location:" );
} else {
   #Any link you haven’t specifically asked to be redirect somewhere will now be redirected to a page. This is to make sure you don’t miss any links.
   Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
   Header( "Location:" );
} ?>

Viola – this strategy allows you to grow impressive link graphs with very quickly with minimal effort. Its definitely gray hat, if not black hat, but also very effective and difficult to identify.

2 thoughts on “Selective Domain Link Redirects – Black Hat SEO

  1. MikeB on

    Fascinating Vnce, but I havent seen too many sites with entirely different niche anchor text. Most of the sites I see, have a small number of well focussed links (similar niche anchor text) , then a lot of dross like “click here” name of brand., url, “more information” , so on.

    So are the domains you are finding news type sites to account for the spread of anchor text?

  2. Hi Mike,

    In general this works best if you buy a domain that was operating in a related market and redirect each link to the most appropriate page on your new site, but sometimes/often you find old directories that have all sorts of weird and wonderful anchortext.

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