Screenflow PC (windows) how-to

A commenter posted on my blog post Screenflow on PC mentioning its been 6 months 1 week since I first wrote about getting screenflow to run on not just windows, but PC (x86) hardware…

I’ve been meaning to do a physical demonstration video proving that screenflow was running on windows hardware, but I just blatantly haven’t had the time. This was essentially a hobby and I’ve had much more important things to do.

As such, I’ve decided to release how it’s done without teasing you anymore.

The reason I came up with this solution was because I wanted to do a demonstration of a software/hardware combination product which only worked on x86 and Windows XP.

There is no decent screenflow alternative for x86 hardware, and to be honest, screenflow doesn’t run 100% smoothly on windows hardware. But as it stands, it’s still better than any other screenflow alternative.

I definitely don’t have time to elaborate, but anybody keen enough is bound to be able to work it out from these super simple instructions.

  1. 1. Load OSX on PC (x86/Windows) hardware (yes it is possible)
  2. 2. Run windows virtualisation on your “OSX on PC” installation
  3. 3. Run screenflow within OSX and screenflow your windows virtualisation session.

That’s how I did it… simple! (Not really, a lot of faffing)

There are some other solutions that also work, but not as well… and you need a mac for both…

If you have a mac and want to screenflow windows only software just run windows virtualisation on osx and screenflow on osx.

If you want to screenflow a windows and x86 hardware combination (software and hardware) and you have a mac, you can run screenflow on the mac, and then VNC into the windows machine.

I dual booted my x86/PC machine with OSX and Windows, but in retrospect only a single boot into OSX was required with Windows virtualisation running (obviously, duh)

There you go – cat out of the bag… enjoy.

btw, this works for anything you can get running in virtualisation which includes vista. That’s right! Screenflow for Vista! Even Screenflow for Linux!

Sorry its been so long!

5 thoughts on “Screenflow PC (windows) how-to

  1. Can you make a video on it.
    sorry im not good with manuals. ;P

  2. That was funny. You just told everyone to go violate the EULA of Mac OS X to get this to work. Then you said that was how you did it.

    The solution has always been to use a Mac. Then either use a VM running Windows, remote desktop, or VNC to capture the Windows environment.

  3. Cristian on

    He just messing around, come on…EULA???WTF dude?? is not like he is going to sell some thing…Vince great job man!! i was searching for some one who has acomplish this to try it out on my pc, but nothing, then i found your video on youtube, finally a get to your web page and get to here, simple steeps and great solution, thanks for sharing and regards from Argentina…Cris.

  4. I just heard about screenflow on traffic geyser, I pretty much have to have a pc for my business as so many RE websites only run on IE8 (arggg I know)..

    If it is possible to run screenflow on a pc, I really want to know about it.

    Or do you have to have it on Mac os and run a vm or parallells?

  5. SaKaHuman on

    I have some questions!!
    So, did you just put the mac os x install CD in the windows computer or using emulator with virtual machine, and then download the screen flow ?

    But you know that original install disc is suck(it doesn’t have a Ps and Ms office)
    Please, tell me !!

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