Screenflow on Windows XP

I’ve done it – proof below.

That’s right! No more messing around with inferior products just to do a presentation of a windows only application.

But… I’m not going to give you the keys to the castle just yet… I just don’t have time… I got a little excited and just hammered out a presentation (or pinballed out a presentation) – did a quick and messy bit of editing, adding some “proof of screenflow running on windows xp” screenflow only effects, and posted it! I’m even writing the blog post before the video is fully uploaded…

I will be posting a how-to, and it will be free… but I’m not sure when I will get around to it, and you are about to navigate away from my blog without getting the information you need.

So here is my suggestion…

Follow me on twitter or subscribe to my RSS feed. Or bookmark my blog, set yourself a reminder, and check back in a week.

Screenflow on Windows is a reality, screenflow for windows is possible and screen capture on windows has NEVER looked this super silky smooth!

Viva La Screenflow…

I actually feel a little bit dirty, because I’m a mac fan boy… I feel like I’m enabling Hitlers holocaust…

Maybe that’s a little extreme… drowning babies maybe?

Either way, do yourself a favour, don’t bother faffing around in windows, buy a mac (or two)

10 thoughts on “Screenflow on Windows XP

  1. Confused dude on

    Gee can we download it somewhere or something?… I don’t think its worth it to buy a mac……

  2. Lucas on

    Are you ever going to tell us how to do this? Been wondering for a while. I’m calling shenanigans.

  3. Vince Samios on

    At the moment I just don’t have time for these kinds of fun and games. But, at some point I’ll bother to a) prove its on windows hardware, b) show you how to do it.

    Until then, follow me on twitter and you’ll get notification.

  4. Raynbo on

    You can accomplish this very nicely with Parallels. I don’t believe that this was done on a PC. If you will notice the top and bottom are cropped, etc. You can do a total PC ScreenFlow with Parallels on the Mac. So, you see proof is not in the picture. It really is…all….fun and games isn’t it?

  5. T-roy on

    lol good ol’ vnc in full screen on a mac

  6. jerry on

    you look like that centaur kid in the movie of Narnia

  7. brizzt on

    this was posted 6 months and 1 week ago at the time i was watching it and still no update how to do it? yes, you wrote you were busy but there are ppl there eager to know how to use screenflow on pc… so pls, do something with it

    unless it is really only a joke as those guys above have written (paralles and such)

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  9. Bill Toebes on

    Hi this is a stroke of genius mate. Please Sir when you tell all could I have the information Regards

  10. connor on

    can this (on mac ) work on xbox if can how??????

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