ReachLocal UK are morons…

First a little background…

One of my sales guys apparently gave ReachLocal our management email address today, and we got a little email through from “Deep Nandhray”
It contained the usual sales drivel about things they can do for us, which we already do for ourselves.

The reply from our management was short and to the point

“I’ve already mailed you several times to please not contact us and stop tying our phone lines up. We do our own SEO in-house”

I generally wouldn’t expect a reply to an email like this, but fair play to Deep, he/she definitely gets in deep on the sales… (lols?) … reply as follows…

“I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused as I didn’t realise that this was the case. I sincerely apologise.

However, just for your information we don’t offer SEO and we specialise in PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing which has proven to be more cost effective. If there is anything I can help with in the future please feel free to contact me. “

One little part of one little sentence in there was like a red rag to a bull for me…

“[PPC] has proven to be more cost effective”

Anybody who follows my twitter or myfacebook page knows I’ve been saying things recently like “Many can do PPC, Few can do PPC well“ and “Slowly PPC profitability will be squeezed out of every single market on the net, SEO is the only way to remain sustainable online.“

You can imagine I didn’t take kindly to the waffle being email to me… and neither did my colleague who replied

“more cost effective? for some of our terms we rank #1 through #10 on the first page of google and therefore receive 100% of visits without any cost.

how is PPC more effective???”

A bit of a nail in Deeps sales coffin I would think, but he/she was digging his/her hole, getting deeper and deeper (lollerskates?)

But the next reply sent my head spinning… this is this kind of shit which gives the real guys a bad name…

“Is Google a successful company/organisation?

If you think yes, the way they make their money and generate their revenue is through PPC. PPC has proven to be more successful as it produces instant results and is not based on building up your Quality Score (QS) over a period of 6-9 months. SEO can also be costly as the only way to remain at the top of the listings is to constantly update your website and also have accounts on Social & Media networks such as Facebook & Twitter. Whereas with PPC we create the ads and manage them for you. “

Sorry… what?

Google SELLS PPC you MUPPET! They make money selling the clicks that people are paying for, they don’t make money from buying clicks… big big big difference, but some very cleverly scripted sales garble. Somebody who doesn’t know better might think “shit, Google makes all their money from PPC, maybe we should do PPC”

Lets overlook the fact that PPC is based on “quality score” and that, infact, “quality score” is PPC terminology. Let’s be kind and overlook that… as we continue…

“SEO can also be costly as the only way to remain at the top of the listings is to constantly update your website and also…”

So the sales pitch is based on the premise that you need to continue to pay for SEO to stay at the top? WHAT DO YOU THINK PPC IS?!?!?

This statement is about a billion times less true for SEO than it is for PPC – in most cases the maintenance for an SEO campaign can be minimal to keep your rankings. Once you’ve climbed the ladder it’s more difficult to fall back down. PPC you either pay, or you disappear completely.

I think ReachLocal have some nifty and extremely misleading sales tactics, which are pulling business owners into signing up to their services, which is causing businesses to lose money, which is giving internet marketing a bad name. The result of a failed attempt at PPC after speaking with ReachLocal is to think “well that was shit… and apparently SEO is even shitter…” – and now our industry is trusted even less…

3 thoughts on “ReachLocal UK are morons…

  1. I laughed out loud at your reach local article but I have a serious moral question. I work with small businesses everyday, and they don’t know what they want, but they know they are not at the top for an obvious keyword. I try telling them about SEO and sometimes it helps (a little), I am yet to hit a clear price structure which works for small enterprises. But then I realise that the best way to give small businesses what they want is (wait for it) ppc. Its the same moral/ethical issue created by highly complexe derivatives. Should we sell a product to a customer that quite possibly doesn’t understand it at all but just wants a quick fix solution, even though that solution may be costly and even damaging (by not getting their own SEO sorted) in the long run?

  2. Serge on

    To be honest, you both (ReachLocal and Yourself) almost sound just as stupid as each other. Both of you make some dumb points and clearly don’t realise the value proposition of PPC OR SEO. They both have their place in Search Engine Marketing, even if this pathetic unbalanced rant of yours doesn’t think so. A truly pathetic attempt at preselling your SEO services to unsuspecting victims. Good luck with that.

  3. Serge thank you for your lovely reply. The point of this article was to highlight that ReachLocal are mis-selling services, it wasn’t my views on PPC or SEO on the whole. Considering I run my own businesses on PPC and SEO which is where 95% of my income comes from (not selling services) I’ll take your reply with a grain of salt.

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