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I’ve been watching my page rank keenly for quite a few years now… it’s part of being an internet marketing geek.

The way page rank is distributed and awarded has changed massively in the past two years. I used to be able to guarantee a PR of 4 or higher within 3 months confidently and I’ve always had the resources and site networks to support page rank growth. These days its not that simple, and while I’ve got more than 18,000 backlinks, including links from PR5 and 6 websites, my own page rank has remained stagnant at PR3 for the past year or so.

Admittedly I haven’t tended to my own SEO garden, so to speak, and my own website hasn’t had the love and attention my business websites receive, but the other day, in a moment of temporary frustration, I sat down and thought “where does page rank really come from”. By the sheer nature of how Page Rank works, it must come from somewhere and somehow flow elsewhere. I want my sites to be in that path of flow.

From that thought spawned a mission, to get a higher page rank (I’m aiming for PR5 for the moment) without spending a cent or penny. This last caveat, the fact that I don’t want to spend money promoting my blog, really changes the way I do things. Normally I’ll just throw a few thousand pounds into SEO when I want to promote a website, some cases tens of thousands… but free?

To achieve this I’m working with a couple of methods that aren’t new, and a few others that are. But mostly its just going to be hard graft.

The first two methods I’m working with are definitely simple and intuitive. They will help build page rank, but to get beyond PR3 I’m developing some much more powerful strategies which I will discuss in the future (after I’ve made the most of them).

Every method works by becoming a central hub for links, and every method works by sheer hard work. Either you want it or you don’t, so you’ll either work for it, or you won’t.

A B C – Always Be Commenting

“A B C” is the old sales acronym which stands for “Always Be Closing”, instead I’m using the acroymn “A B C” to mean “Always Be Commenting”. Everywhere I go, everything I read, I’m dropping in my very valueless 2 cents.

For example on blogs and news stories about the revolution in Egypt I’ll add “Lets hope they keep it peaceful” and on stories about iPads I’ll write “Yeah I always bring mine to bed with me”, and when I notice others posting worthless comments I’ll use the opportunity to add “was there any point in you writing a comment at all?” – This way I’m able to make over 100 comments in about half an hour.

I’m also checking the backlinks for other bloggers, identifying links that have come from comments, and joining in their conversations. Let’s call this “Link Stalking”

I’m sorting through lists of the biggest blogs online and adding a comment on 20 of these per day. Often this includes creating a profile page, an extra bonus.

There is an extension of this strategy which makes it much more effective which makes use of a couple of popular wordpress plugins, “recent comments”, “top commenters” and “Do-Follow Comments”

With the “Recent Comments” plugin, the blog you have commented on will show your comment site-wide in the side bar, including a link to your blog. So by posting on a PR4 blog, I get a site-wide link until other people comment and my comment drops down (at which point I just comment again)

The “Top Commenters” plugin shows a list of the most vocal commenters on your blog. For example it will show a list of ten commenters that have posted multiple comments. Often you need to make 50-100 comments in order to make this list, but once you do you also receive a site-wide link to your blog, and you don’t need to keep coming back daily to make the “recent comments” lists. That said, these “Top Commenters” lists are very popular, and eventually you’ll have to up-the-anti and post more comments to maintain your position.

The “Do-Follow Comments” plugin changes the way wordpress works by default, and removes the “no-follow” tag from links within comments. Generally I don’t care whether or not a link has the no-follow tag (I keep harping on about this, but no-follow doesn’t do what it used to do) but given the choice of a no-follow blog and a do-follow blog, I’ll take the do-follow blog every time.

Make Friends

Link Exchanges are known in the SEO community as being useless, worthless, valueless and not worth the time and effort. This is definitely true for link exchange scripts, and pages of links and only links.

When you have a site wide link to a friend, and they in turn have a site wide link to you, your websites almost begin to become one. Let me explain…

Sub-Domains, strictly speaking, are entirely separate entities from parent domains. However if your website uses a sub domain for the blog, whilst not ideal, the blog is still considered to be part of your root domain website because the navigation menus are shared, and each link to each other universally. Similarly when two websites link to each other universally there is a degree of mutuality between those websites.

So to make friends, in this strategy, is to exchange site wide links with other people who you like and respect, and who obviously feel the same about you. Easier said than done, and some people won’t even consider a blog-roll link exchange, but rah-boo-hiss-piss to them :D


If you have a decent website and you like my blog, let me know if you’re keen to exchange blogroll links and I’ll review your site.

I have an email list that I send link packages to, which includes lists of do-follow blogs, top-commenter blogs, and recent comments blogs. I’ll also be sending a list of the top blogs that accept links. So you might like to consider signing up for that.

Updates and more strategies will follow in due course – this will be a 3-6 month project depending on when Google updates its public page rank and how successful the free strategies are.

8 thoughts on “Project Free Page Rank

  1. Playing Devils’ Advocate – But why bother? Isn’t PR a lesser beast in Google results now? Is it worth is when you can get more people seeing your stuff by posting it in a targeted Facebook fan page?

  2. Is PR a lesser beast? No, I don’t think so. I think it’s indicative of overall “seo power” – its not the be all and end all, and its definitely a lot more difficult to get, but as I said its definitely indicative of power.

    You can definitely get traffic from Facebook and other social media, but if you rank highly for just one high traffic keyword that will dwarf your social media traffic. Also SEO traffic helps you hit the critical mass to make social media worth it. Also, social media isn’t worth the effort in every industry.

  3. I’m not sure I 100% get this. Are you saying that by just commenting on someone’s blog Google picks up your domain details and therefore sees that you are a ‘contributor’ to the net?

    Or is it about hoping that others visiting the post will click on your link?

  4. Buy commenting I’m building links – links build page rank… arguably even if they are no-follow. Also by commenting you potentially get people viewing your site that may be likely to link to you.

  5. One thing to remember above all is that your website needs to be text rich with plenty of good content. That is the one thing that the seach engines will always rate highly.

  6. It’s very important to focus on link building for your blog or website. The more links you have pointing to you from higher pagerank sites the better your chances of achieving a higher place in search results. There is a large community of web masters and SEO specialists who will support the theory that the higher you PageRank the more chane your site has to be noticed.

  7. Yes it’s true that commenting is a good way to get backlinks and increase your PR, but you must be sure that you are commenting on DOFOLLOW blogs. There are a lot of ways to find out a good dofollow blog, this is one of them, you can use a software based program which will help you, or SEO FireFox ad on. Thank you for reading my comment!

  8. What about increasing page rank from a twitter feed? Do links in tweets help at all or do they not matter?

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