Project Free Page Rank – Success

In February I wrote a post title “Project Free Page Rank” in which I set myself a public and rather hefty challenge of improving my sites page rank from PR3, to PR5 using free methods.

Well, it was a success.

To be honest I put a bit of effort in, but I’ve been so busy with my businesses over the past months I haven’t even touch “project free pr” for possibly the last 2-3 months.

As per the original article, I’ve taken every opportunity to write comments (which I remember and can be bothered) – often-provocative comments that solicit replies, possibly links. All my the comments I’ve made have been quality contributions rather than just “nice blog”…. In the early days of PFPR (project free page rank) I did a bit of comment stalking.

Comment stalking is basically following someone around the internet, and adding a comment everywhere they’ve added a comment. The reason I did this is I’d spotted a few higher PR blogs with back linking profiles that didn’t quite add up. These few individuals were obviously making a concerted effort to find good places to comment, so I let them do the hard work and simply added my comment after theirs.

So I would count the A.B.C. strategy (always be commenting) as a success.

The second strategy I talked about was “Make Friends” – I mustn’t have been feeling particularly sociable because I didn’t go particularly nuts on this one, but I exchanged a few blogroll links with some other people, most of whom were low PR (0,1,2) and pretty much all of which are now PR4.

So again, I’d call this one a success. While I think most of the other blogs probably gained their higher PR from mine, they each would have contributed to the overall gains.

There was another strategy I’m not quite ready to share yet, and which I think had a major impact on my PR. I’m going to give this one a really good strong push between now and the next PR update to see if I can prove the point (and benefit from it myself)

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Project Free Page Rank – Success

  1. A lot of sites involved in linking have increased a lot, sometimes even 3 ranks up. However pagerank is just a small factor in a large algorithm that includes also other factors like traffic, bounce back to results ratio and social media activity.

  2. Down to PR3 on my HFSIS site. Up to PR4 on main property site. Swings and roundabouts. Would like to know more re stalking :-)

  3. Thanks for the idea of comment stalking Vince, sounds clever.
    Ps I am having trouble getting higher than who seem to be throwing a lot of time and effort at local search and are often taking up the top 3 positions for any given term. Obviously I don’t have their resources, or brand awareness. Its also easy for them to have unique content on each page by the nature of their listings, can you think of any way I can get past them ?

  4. Vince, please keep us posted, especially as you get ready to roll with the one you are teasing us about.
    I just restarted a site, well from scratch with new url and have begun a campaign of my own to slowly increase rankings and already saw a pretty good jump on Alexa in the last two weeks, but other stats are still hurting bigtime including PR.

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