Negative SEO & Recent Panda Updates

I received the below question in my email, and you can see my reply below.

Have you touched on the recent changes by google yet? The idea that all sites must have fantastic content and social metrics and all of that.
What about the guys that want to make micro-niche sites, write on 50 different keywords, link it up, make some youtube videos, and build links, without being experts on the topic? Do you think these kind of people will be exctinct? Is the only strategy now to become an expert on a topic, something you’d feel comfortable about spreading out to your Google Circles?
What if I want to push a yeast infection clickbank product? Now I need to be the master of yeast infections, blogging out to my friends and family about it? What’s your take on all of this?

- Simon

Hi Simon,

A lot of people got burnt recently, including a load of self professed SEO experts. I think the simple facts regarding the recent shit storm are that a few link building services were specifically targeted and nuked. Lazy SEO which relied on those networks suffered with sites bombing it overnight.

But actually nothing has changed. I think the webmaster tools messages people got (I got only one, from a few hundred sites) are literally a info gathering bluff… “tell us which sites you bought links form” – yeah right!

Google isn’t in a position to process all the data required to really make the most of social media etc etc etc, and the world online is too immature to start imposing “must”s – in 20 years maybe. Its all simply scare tactics and manipulation – nobody has been able to prove negative SEO is possible, and if it was it would be extremely easy to prove.

Crack on with whatever you’re doing I say – everything helps, but nothing is required.

One thought on “Negative SEO & Recent Panda Updates

  1. Hey Vince,

    I was of the option that Google was just fishing with these messages and that negative SEO was not possible, but, I look after a few hundred sites and I got the email from Google for one. Since then the rankings have dropped from page one to page 10+ plus.
    Not sure what links are “unnatural” so I am a bit stuck with this one.


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