Monetizing Traffic

Are you monetizing your traffic at its full potential?

There are two main forms of monetization. You’ve got your sites, which are selling products and services. Some examples of which include e-stores and info product sites, and then you have sites designed to generate leads.

Examples of Products/Services websites:
-The Amazon website for instance, sells books and other products.
-The Godaddy website sells services.

Examples of Lead Generation websites (Bank of America) is trying to acquire new clients looking for loans via phone or online application. is giving people the opportunity to obtain a quote estimate online in exchange for contact details. The purpose is obviously to obtain qualified leads.

Traffic is the hard part however depending on your particular niche, as few as 20 visitors per day is more than sufficient for a very sweet income.

Monetizing Traffic With Products/Services

In the products/services website model the worst form of monetization is Adsense/CPC and CPM ads. Even if you get a very respectable 5% CTR you would have to be extremely lucky to get more than $10 per 100 visitors.

This is then followed by cheap products and affiliate products. Things such as your own info products, Amazon affiliate products and clickbank products. For every 100 visitors you should hope to be earning $50-100.

When you move over to drop shipping real world physical products, your conversion rates sky rocket and item values can be a lot higher, hence you can earn a lot more. This also becomes a lot more difficult and you will have to do a lot more work, but you can earn very decent amounts drop shipping. For 100 visitors you can hit $100-$500 profits reasonably easily.

The highest tier is to actually provide your own products and services, keeping all the commission for your self. This could include manufacturing and stocking your own products, offering consultancy services, membership sites etc. When you get to this level you are really in the money and 100 visitors could be worth as much as $10,000, however a more likely average figure is more like $500-$1500

Monetizing Leads

If you’ve gone down the lead generation route you can still monetize your site with those nasty Adsense/CPC and CPM ads. Earnings potential per 100 visitors is still at a maximum of about $10

Next you can move on to CPA offers. It can depend very heavily on your niche, but 100 visitors probably has a minimum value of around $50, and an upper end more towards the $1000 mark if your conversion rates are nice and high in expensive markets.

If you go to a little bit of extra effort you can make a larger margin actively selling leads you generate yourself. This allows you to optimise conversion rates and strike personal deals with businesses able to take your leads on. You can either sell your leads for a fixed price, or work on a commission basis. The fixed price option provides a more steady source of income, but commission based leads are easier to sell and you can earn higher margins. I would be disappointed with less than $100 per 100 visitors, with an upper end limit nearer $2500.

The absolute top end and most difficult to pull off, is monetizing leads yourself. Instead of taking fixed price or commission, you process the leads and take the entire cut. But… the amount of work involved balloons. You have to get on the phone, you have to sort out the deals, you have to bill the clients, you will have to make sure you comply with any legislation and laws in regards to your niche. But this is where your little website turns into a real business. If you are in real estate/property market for instance, you could be churning out as much as $20,000 per 100 visitors. It’s very difficult to put a finger on a more exact estimate of the potential earnings without knowing a lot about your niche etc.

The purpose of this post is twofold:

Hopefully you will aim higher and look for the real money.


The more effort you make, the greater the reward.

Effort vs Reward

3 thoughts on “Monetizing Traffic

  1. Thanks for your thoughts. 100 visitors suddenly seem more valuable than I thought. Having seen the poor performance of adsense on general article based blog sites I am still trying to move up to the next level. Any good examples of good monetizing … is there more to life than just squeeze pages?

  2. “is there more to life than just squeeze pages?”

    Oh absolutely – phone numbers, contact forms, e-stores etc etc etc… What are people looking for when they come to your site? Are they looking for a loan? Are they looking for insurance? Are the looking for a guitar? – Give it to them!

    “The money is in the list” is very much an info marketing related philosophy. But there is more to making money than info marketing.

    I can tell you’ve done the thirty day challenge and moved on to the immediate edge ;-)

  3. Exactly! The more effort you put out the more you gain. A concept that so many internet business owner wannabe’s don’t seem to get. Nice informative post, thanks!

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