Market Samurai vs SEO for Firefox

An SEO for Firefox comparison with Market Samurai Review thing… (I just put this line in here for some extra keywords, whatcha gonna do about it? It’s a Market Samurai, SEO for Firefox comparison. Just wanted to make that clear…)


What a bloody stupid comparison… It’s like trying to compare the steering wheel on your car to the drive shaft…

Both are VITAL!

This post was sparked by Aaron Wall’s Tantrum at SEOBook… Ed Dale isn’t a king of SEO Competition analysis, but at least he doesn’t claim to be. Here’s the offending Thirty Day Challenge video if anybody would like to see it, watch at 9:09mins in. It’s just about message to market, and Ed/Aaron’s audiences are polar opposites… Ed’s teaching is rubbish for experts; Aaron’s teaching is gobbledygook for thirty day challengers. Kiss and make up boys!

Main strength of Market Samurai for SEO Competition Research: Quick overview analysis for snap judgements.

Main strength of SEO for Firefox for SEO Competition Research (its only use really): Individual site analysis for detailed analysis.

Main Flaw of Market Samurai: Limited depth and metrics

Main Flaw of SEO for Firefox: Speed and Reliability.

Let me go into some more detail…

Benefits of Market Samurai:
A much clearer overview picture of SEO competition for a particular phrase. With Market Samurai I can make a snap judgement of an entire market within two seconds. I can then make snap judgements on keywords within a further two seconds. Admittedly it’s a bit of an art learned through time, but just remember “red bad”, “green good”.

Competitive SEO Market

A very competitive SEO Market… Red Bad!

Uncompetitive SEO Market

A very uncompetitive SEO Market – Green Good!

Benefits of SEO for Firefox: Daily browsing becomes an exercise in SEO Competition Analysis, and SEO for Firefox is able to pull in a lot of different metrics. While not all metrics are really relevant, SEO for Firefox is ALWAYS switched on in my browser. I love the absolute clarity in NoFollow link highlighting which has allowed me to really spot some great SEO opportunities. SEO for Firefox is my first stop on initial market consultation simply because I can just flick open a new firefox tab and google my phrase. Voila!

SEO for Firefox Example.
SEO for Firefox Example… Autoloading four metrics.

Failings of Market Samurai: Limited to just the top 10 results for a particular phrase and doesn’t pull in as much data as it could/should. In competitive markets I would really like to see the top 100 results for a phrase, and in my opinion Market Samurai doesn’t pull in all the data I would like to see. But neither does SEO for Firefox for that matter.

Failings of SEO for Firefox: It’s slower than Market Samurai, and trying to load the metrics too quickly triggers google bans. I’ve got a one second delay on each auto loading metric, and I’m only loading four metrics automatically to make the process faster (PR, YH Backlinks, YH EDU Backlinks and Site Age) – With this configuration I don’t get google bans no matter how hard I’m hammering it. My biggest problem with SEO for Firefox is that it is visually very slow to analyse a keyword.

A concluding comparison:
Having SEO for Firefox is like walking around with your eyes open, and stopping to look at little details on individual keywords, while having Market Samurai is for serious research sessions with a lot of keywords and pepsi max.

Comparing SEO for Firefox to Market Samurai is like comparing your legs – you kinda need both of them or you’ll have a limp…

Me out!

9 thoughts on “Market Samurai vs SEO for Firefox

  1. I enjoyed reading this! Informative and balanced with a bit of humour.

    Thanks Vince for your input and providing easy to understand clarity for us readers of this post.


    Caro :-)

  2. Thanks for the short run-down. I was disappointed to see the two parties in a spat, but whatever. I like both tools and agree they are a good combo for market research.

    I wonder if the Market Samurai team has throttled the product capabilities to go with the 30DC and keeping it simple?

    Either way they both work for me every day.

    Maybe your post will get the two sides to shake hands?

  3. Google Hacker on

    Very interesting comparison. I use exclusively Market Samurai and have the same complaints.

  4. I can tell you first hand that market samurai was originally designed for the 30dc crowd, but I wouldn’t say its been throttled for that purpose. I think Market Samurai is constrained only by technical limitations rather than any other.

    I would love Ed Dale and Aaron Wall to meet here on mutual grounds and agree to disagree, or to just recognize the miss-understanding (which is all it was) – but it would be arrogant of me to propose that this is the appropriate place/medium.

  5. Hi i’m new to your blog but must say it’s a good read. Both tools are fantastic but I love MS it has helped me uncover some nuggets quickly. Personally I’m only interested in the first ten results, what’s the point aiming any lower?

  6. Also could you do a post on the no follow follow tool you mentioned as I’m not sure how this works. Some of the sites that have no follows on them show up in my yahoo link analysis, do I get any juice for these?

  7. Joe – its not about aiming lower, its about seeing the foothills below the mountain. In competitive markets especially, the top 10 results doesn’t give you a complete enough picture.

    The no-follow highlighting just shows which links are follow, and which are no-follow.

  8. Vince, Thanks for the reply. What I’m saying is I post comments on some blogs that get highlighted as no follow on seo firefox but when Yahoo shows my links they turn up. Market Samurai’s blog is a perfect example. Is there an explanation to this?

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  10. Joel on

    Great comparison. Well written and quoted them here. I agree with you on its main benefits. I find it easy especially because it is easy to view the overall market analysis with this tool. But they have their own merits and demerits.
    Nice sharing.

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