Market Samurai’s new metric “IC”

IC stands for “Indexed Content” – but does it matter?

In a word – yes!

But it isn’t the be all and end all in regards to competition research, and it’s a very hard metric to judge.

IC (number of indexed pages) only really begins to matter if the competing website is entirely about your niche subject.

More pages on a website means more chances to capture backlinks, and page rank. Based on googles original patents, every page creates a small amount of page rank. Both factors together result in more potential for authority, on a subject, for a website with an large number of pages.

Further – more pages means more chance for keywords to appear site wide, and more opportunity for a clever webmaster to do some clever internal linking (which can be powaaah-ful!)

Websites in the top 10 results with a high number of pages will either be general websites, or authority websites. General websites can be relatively easy to beat, where-as authority websites can be a nightmare.

Loading the IC figure seems to slow down Market Samurai a lot, and since it’s such a difficult metric to take into consideration, its probably best not to load this metric until you get down into the real nitty gritty.

There is still one metric bitterly missing from Market Samurai – Domain PR… the page rank of the home domain.

I’ve written more about this in the post “what is page rank

4 thoughts on “Market Samurai’s new metric “IC”

  1. I am still missing ONE number that will reflect the Strength of Competition. It is difficult to compare SEO competition for various keywords.

  2. vince -

    What is your take on this?

    In many categories shopping sites, with no page backlinks at all, dominate over smaller sites which have good url, onl page and backlinks.

    Indeed amazon, ehow , ciao , about etc sometimes have only one or two specific pages on or related to a subject , – yet rank high for terms with less links or rank than smaller dedicated sites.

    in some instances it is hard to explain the rankings, otherr than google is rewarding sheer weight of indexed pages. it may be logarithmic so squillions of pages are needed, but it does seem to have effect

  3. I have a number of sites that don’t look as good in the SEO module now that the new IC metric has been added

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