Market Research – How to find a market


The latest installment of work in progress “The Real Guide” to making money online…

The very first step on your journey to full-time income is to find a market – We don’t need to faff around with extensive keyword research, nor commerciality analysis, nor any of that other bollocks. What we want is a real industry where people are running real businesses and making real money.

I’ve prepared this little video as a guide on how to find a market. Its based on the principle that if its worth advertising in the yellow pages, its a commercial viability.

The old version is here –

The new version is sightly NSFW – heh, enjoy….

Ad’s in the yellow pages aren’t cheap, and running a real world business isn’t cheap, so if you can take any of those businesses online (which you can, with every single one of them) you are on to a winner since you know you can cut out a massive amount of overheads simply but not advertising in the yellow pages, or renting office space or shop fronts, or vehicles, or staff…. etc….

6 thoughts on “Market Research – How to find a market

  1. Sorina on

    Awesome! But where can I find a wall like that? Or it works with any kind of walls? :)

  2. true story – one of the adverts which didn’t get burnt, is a high profit niche I’m already in…. little bit of a coincidence…

  3. Sad to say, I am not sure how much longer YP is for this world.
    I know too many people that havent even opened YP before ditching it.

    That cannot last….. In fact many people who place such listings find the callers they are promised by YP turn out to be telephone spammers.

    I agree with the sentiment tho.


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