Making the most of high page rank sites

This post is primarily for people who have invested, through me, in high page rank domain names. One investor got 3 PR5 domains for $516, and another investor got 2 PR5 domains for $340 – but now that they have these domains, how best should they make use of them?

Each domain was set up so that they could have a maximum of 7 site wide links – this is to make sure the links have solid SEO power and aren’t substantially diluted.

I recommend placing only top keywords in site wide links – keywords like “Home Loans” or “House in London” – This is because these keywords are the most competitive, and required the most SEO to rank.

Then investors are able to login to wordpress and write blog posts on the high page rank domain names. I recommend they write at least one blog post every day on each website, and include one link to a less competitive keyword in each post. Keywords such as “Interest Only Home Loans” and “Four Bedroom House in London” – you can choose these keywords by looking at your Google analytics and finding any keywords which are ranked low on the first page, or on the second page of results.

Keywords used in blog posts should vary daily – you can link to pages that aren’t indexed or your under-performing pages.

Another great use for these blog posts, is to get a double listing in the top ten results. You achieve this by SEO’ing two pages for the same keyword.

If you use your high PR sites closely following this guide, you will turn even a single PR5 site into a formidable SEO weapon.

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