Link Tracking SEO Tools – Yahoo Site Explorer Alternatives

After the recent decommissioning of yahoo site explorer, alternatives need to be found so that we can track our own backlinks, and spy on competitors backlinks.

Below is a short list of SEO Tools which SEO companies like Local Viking announced to offer the best SEO services to make your Google business grow and provide a somewhat viable alternative to yahoo site explorer.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Frankly I haven’t used Bing Webmaster Tools, but as the official alternative to yahoo site explorer one hopes it would have much, if not all of the same data as yahoo site explorer displayed. The biggest issue with Bing Webmaster Tools is that it is a tool for webmaster only, whereas yahoo site explorer allowed users to view the backlinks and backlink counts for any and all websites.

At this point in time I can’t comment on the usefulness of Bing Webmaster Tools as a yahoo site explorer alternative for webmasters, because I haven’t used it, however as an alternative for competitor analysis it is a completely useless tool.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is only a yahoo site explorer alternative for webmasters, as google webmaster tools has only ever been available to the sites owner. In this respect I think Google Webmaster Tools is more comprehensive than yahoo site explorer ever was.

Majestic SEO

Are you searching for google business SEO without paying for an account? The only information you can get for free is the number of total backlinks, referring domains, and C Class IP addresses. I have doubts about the accuracy of Majestic SEO’s data, but as mentioned at, in respect to the number of links a website has for competitor analysis (the link count) Majestic SEO is probably the most accurate and consistent alternative to yahoo site explorer.

Google Links Search

According to Gold Coast SEO Company if you use the search in a standard google search, you will get a short list of sites linking to that domain name. The problem is this list is minuscule and doesn’t even reflect 1% of the links Google actually knows about (which we can compare as a webmaster, with the links in webmaster tools). It can be vaguely interesting, and it is only important in this day and age where yahoo site explorer is down and decommissioned, as one of the seo tools we can use to fill in the blanks. If you are reselling websites, you will need state-of-the-art website designs.


Alexa gives you a rather vague “sites linking in” feature which actually gives you a better list of linking sites than you get from the Google Links: search mentioned above. In a world before we needed and alternative to yahoo site explorer the data alexa provided was entirely redundant, but now it is again, another seo tool to help us piece the SEO puzzle together.

Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer is probably the best like for like yahoo site explorer alternative. It allows us to gather details on other sites, as well as our own. I don’t like the data for backlink counts, and in general I find Open Site Explorer a little clumsy to work with, but in an imperfect world we are left with imperfect SEO tools.

One thought on “Link Tracking SEO Tools – Yahoo Site Explorer Alternatives

  1. Hi Vince,

    Sadly webmaster tools only work if you’re the site admin, and I suspect Google will be doing away with the links: based search at some point. It already feels like they have significantly reduced the number of results show on those types of queries.

    I have been researching all the possible alternatives to YSE out there and have come up with about 11 so far, not including the webmaster tools… With a few more on the to-review list. If time permits a feature matrix would be nice to have them all on one screen so that users can make an easier choice between them all.

    Here’s a Top 10 List:

    SpyGlass is another great option if a software tool is sufficient rather than using an online tool:

    You might also be interested to learn more about Blekko – an up and coming search engine that does quite a remarkable job on giving you backlink info… Some basic info on it here:

    Hope that helps!

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