Leaked Harry Potter Marketing Stunt

News hit today that 36 minutes of the new Harry Potter movie, “Harry Potter and the deathly hallows” was leaked. When I first heard the news I turned to my wife (Also an Internet Marketer) and said “I bet it’s the first bit of the movie, and I bet its not a leak)

I’m going to make another prediction, and that is that nobody will be “caught” or punished for the harry potter leak. The reason?

I don’t believe the first half of the new harry potter movie was leaked. I think it’s a very clever marketing stunt, and I think instead of there being an investigation and punishment, there will instead be a big bonus landing in somebody’s bank account.

I’ve “leaked” dvds in the past for marketing purposes with fantastic results. Fantastic for building reputation and buzz.

Consider this, today is the 18th, one day before the official release of the harry potter movie on the 19th – how does one get widespread international coverage for free?

Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows got into the international media just 24 hours before the movie was set to be officially released. This fantastically reminds everyone the movie is out tomorrow.

Further, who want’s to watch just the first half of a movie? Could this be a marketing ploy to drive people to the cinemas? Could this be an attempt to bring people who would normally download the movie into the cinemas? I’m guessing “yes” on both counts.

As an experiement, for educational purposes only, this is where people are able to download leaked harry potter here – don’t download it, that would be copyright infringement. But if Warner Brothers are serious about this being a genuine leak… a) that’s very short sighted of them & they could be more progressive in their marketing, and b) I’ll receive a cease and desist letter for providing the above link.

I’ll keep you updated, but if they don’t get in touch, I think we can safely assume this was a very clever marketing stunt.

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