Inspirational SEO Results

Lots of folk are trying to start new businesses online and it just looks like one big brick wall.

And that’s fair enough, since the single biggest SEO factor is… TIME.

But there is hope out there, and there are quick wins. The trick is to go broad and target a market, rather than targeting just a few keywords.

Here’s some inspiration:

I started a new site not long ago, did some minimal SEO and got fantastic results – here at the vitals:

  • The website is on a brand new domain name, and is just 45 days old.
  • The domain name does NOT even include the keyword.
  • The keyword is a single word with the following stats:
    • 1088 Monthly Searches with a PBR of 100% (Since it’s a single word it will always be 100% PBR, a slight flaw in this metric)
    • 1,270,000 competing pages. 152,000 of which have the keyword in the title.
    • Adwords average CPC of 42c

Not exactly a low competition keyword……

I’ve mentioned before in my post “Reading The Market Samurai SEO Competition Matrix”  the “SEOC” value, which is the Market Samurai acronym for “Competing Pages” doesn’t really come into the equation when analysing a market. has since come up with a much more appropriate value which can be read in conjunction with the Market Samurai Competition Matrix to give you a clearer picture of the market.

Here are the figures from WordTracker:

To explain, the “In Anchor And Title” value trawls through a database of 1 trillion web pages, to find pages which have the keyword in the page title, and also have a back-link to thatpage with the keyword in the anchortext of a backlink. The formula for KEI3 (Which is the number we are most interested in when trawling through long lists of keywords) is (KEI3=Searches/In Anchor And Title)

‘In Anchor and Title’ is a count of the number of pages for which the keyword appears in both the title tag and the anchor text of a backlink.

Based on this we are able to see that there are only really 3160 pages competing for this term, which still is no small amount.

By contrast, here is the Wordtracker data for “Car Insurance”

Just to illustrate the sheer weight of the data Wordtracker has exclusive access to, here is a look at the index growth compared to other search engines and web spiders.

Majestic SEO trawled this data.

So – with all the vital statistics taken care of… how is the page doing?

Here is the SEO competition matrix for my keyword.

There I am in 9th position…

The first thing I’m going to do, is shoot off and fix my meta description. :-)

There are now two tools which are vital to SEO competition analysis –

The old gun Market Samurai, which was until last week, the only tool you needed. I believe in this product strongly, as always I want you to take my recommendation 100% seriously. You can show me some love and click this link with my affiliate code, or if it means you can take the recommendation more seriously if you don’t use an affiliate link, you can go directly to the sign up page through this link.

The even older gun, WordTracker. This is the grandpapa of keyword research which was providing keyword research data long before any more solid data was available. We still recommend WordTracker to people as part of the keyword net (catching as many keywords as possible) however WordTracker become an essential tool again last week by providing data nobody else is able to provide.

WordTracker have a database of websites which is as big as googles own!!! This allows them to provide the extremely valuable ‘In Anchor And Title’ metric, as well as the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) metric, and the even more specific KEI3 value. This is data that NO OTHER TOOL CAN GET YOU! Again, I want you to take this recommendation very seriously, so here’s the good karma affiliate link for WordTracker, or you can choose the non-affiliate link here.

It goes to show that “SEOC” is dead, and that the most critical aspect of SEO competition analysis is the Market Samurai SEO Competition Matrix. It also shows that you get a critical look at the full picture when you include WordTrackers brand new and extremely valuable KEI3 metric.

Don’t be discouraged by any market – if you have patience, produce content and build links, you WILL get rankings. The online marketplace is still in its infancy.

8 thoughts on “Inspirational SEO Results

  1. Enzo on

    Hi Vince, really interesting post, the new wordtracker function looks really useful. Just wondering if you have any thoughts on using the PR and anchor text analysis functions in the SEO Comp module of Market Samurai to also assess the ‘keyword’ market?

  2. Hi Enzo,

    You can do, but I don’t think you really need to dig that deep to get a clear enough picture of the market. Its a very time consuming task.

    If its worth it to you to spend the time doing that, then go for it.

  3. Hey again Vince

    OK, I’m going to sign up for a wordtracker subscription – this new KEI3 thing sounds too good to pass up.

    Any chance if you have the time you could write a quick blog post on using MS and WT together in an initial KW research example? I found the MS competition matrix post really useful so your opinions on what to look for and what to ignore would be really great – You have a knack for explaining things in a way that’s not too convoluted!


  4. haha, thanks Brad, I’ve been told the exact opposite too many times to count. I think you’re just at the level where you can understand my convoluted explanations.

    I’m planning to do a blog post dedicated to the new Wordtracker at some stage. That should give you the other side of the picture :-)

  5. Vince -

    On this:
    To explain, the “In Anchor And Title” value trawls through a database of 1 trillion web pages, to find pages which have the keyword in the page title, and also have a back-link to that domain with the keyword in the title.

    Just to clarify:
    ‘In Anchor and Title’ is a count of the number of pages for which the keyword appears in both the title tag and the anchor text of at least one backlink to the page (not domain).

    We have the data for this metric but it hasn’t been released yet:
    In Anchor Domains: Number of root domains (not URLs) where keywords were matched in external anchor text of at least one backlink.

    We’re waiting to see how many people ask for it first.



  6. Hi Vince,

    Thanks for the info, I dropped wordtracker a while back but I might have to pay it a quick visit again after this post.


  7. Nice post, thanks. I’ve never used Wordtracker, will have to give it a go.

    I’ve always been wary of using tools, have done all my analysis manually as I was getting inaccurate results the last time I looked.

    We had an SEO guy in who recommended using Internet Business Promoter 11 – only just started using it but it looks really useful.

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