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A little bit overdue – I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and hammer out answers to all the questions that were asked about the inLinks passive income strategy. If you have further questions, please check out the Ask Vince page.

Graham Asks: How many sites does this need to be done on to make up the numbers you give as examples?
Vince Answers: The screenshot provided is of a network of 15 domain names, with 27 sub-domains per domain name. That’s 405 wordpress installations in total, hence the need for the automation scripts ☺ with which it took about 12 hours to set up.

Brad Asks: What’s a simple way to check that our site is cooked enough to submit to inlinks – is it based on our backlinks stats or PR etc.?
Vince Answers: Basically there is no definitive way to be sure – if you let the sites cook for 2-3 weeks you should be ok. If your alexa rank is below 4,000,000 and you have a few backlinks registering in yahoo, you should be fine. If you add sites before they have cooked, you will have to wait 3 months before they are re-reviewed

Brad Asks: Can you please give us some tips on the godaddy domain auctions, that seems like a really good idea! Also when you say cheap, are you talking the <$100 domains? I’m using yahoo site explorer to check them but so far haven’t come accross any cheap ones with loads of backlinks etc.
Vince Answers: There are a bunch of tools around for buying expiring domain names with existing page rank and backlinks. We are talking about domains which cost $5-10 at auction, plus a registration fee which follows. You can pick up a decent PR domain name for $10, sometimes less, and these domains will sell a lot more links. So much so that you don’t need to bothered with the subdomains.

Charlie Asks: Is it best to generate some links to the site.
Vince Answers: They will generate backlinks themselves. Just watch, a single domain with 27 subdomains posting 25 articles to each subdomain per day, will generate about 300 backlinks within 2 months… generally more.

Charlie Asks: What is the algorithm they use to dictate your income; is it on the PR and that dictates the cost they ppl pay or is it the same cost no matter what site you are on ?
Vince Answers: The algorithm hasn’t been published, but in my experience Page Rank is the most important, followed by alexa rank and backlinks evenly weighted. Also if the keyword which is being purchased appears in the URL you get much pricier links. At the moment the vast majority of links are $10 each, and you shouldn’t expect to sell any expensive links with this strategy. You will sell a bunch of links as part of a links package, and hence earn even less (sometimes as low as $1.60 per link)

Graham Says: I have had one site accepted by inlinks and the other rejected and told to come back when it has more content. Hopefully the links will start up soon.
Vince Says: Jumping the gun ☺ This is why its important to leave them to cook. Now you will have to wait 3 months before the rejected domain is reassessed for approval. Unfortunately you can’t just re-submit the site in 3 weeks since inLinks will tell you that the site has already been added. Their system is far from perfect.

Karen Kramer Asks: What settings do you use in AMA? Do you Auto accept articles?
Vince Answers: I auto accept articles, but I also auto-reject articles which are less than 30% re-written. I also generally ask for 25 articles per day per blog.

Karen Kramer Asks: What’s the advantage to setting blogs on subdomains as apposed to just adding AMA content to categories on the main blog?
Vince Answers: You want maximum exposure in the inLinks network. In my experience inLinks will only display one post from your website to publishers. If you add 27 subdomains, you have 2700% the exposure ☺

Karen Kramer Asks: Do I need to wait until the sites are ranked and indexed with Google before adding InLinks?
Vince Answers: At this stage google has absolutely nothing todo with the process. This may change in the future as inLinks improves their system.

Karen Kramer Asks: Does Inlinks rely solely on Alexa ranking for link value?
Vince Answers: No – inLinks takes a number of things into account, such as page rank, number of backlinks, alexa rank and also some keywords info. It may sound inconsistent with the answer above since being indexed doesn’t matter to this strategy – the point here is that even a site without page rank can be added to inlinks.

Bill Thomson Asks: Vince you mention letting a site cook for 2 to 3 weeks before submitting to InLinks – Is the waiting period based on waiting for a certain level of content before InLinks is happy or are we trying to spread the posts over time to avoid problems with Google?
Vince Answers: Nothing todo with google, this is just to give your site time to meet the inLinks minimum standards, whatever they may be.

Bill Thomson Asks: You mentioned not sticking too many domains in the same AMA/Godaddy/Inlinks accounts if you want to onsell the sites – how many would you bundle?
Vince Answers: I like to have about 10-15 domain names (each with 27 subdomains) per set of accounts. This leaves me with nice small networks of sites which are quite liquid if I want to sell them

Bill Thomson Asks: Would it be best just to repeat & rinse with just the 5 top InLinks categories in bundles?
Vince Answers: You could do, but with the automation scripts you may as well take care of all the categories.

Karen Kramer Asks: Does it matter if you use subcategories from AMA instead of the top level? I.E. setting up individual blogs for each sub-category in the Insurance group instead of setting up more general blogs for just your top five …top level categories?
Vince Answers: You could do this, but I don’t think you would receive enough content from AMA for this to be worth your while.

Karen Kramer Asks (again… :D ): When you look for auction domains on GoDaddy..what do you search for and how? i.e. do you look for domains with websites? do you use SEO firefox to check out domains? Is there an easier way to do this?
Vince Answers: Primarily I’m looking for domains with real Page Rank – check out for finding these. Be careful of fakes, check every domain you buy in google, with seo for firefox installed, and check the website itself, etc etc etc. Its easy to get burnt when buying dropped domain names.

Karen Kramer Asks: What’s the best why to determine if an auction domain has backlinks?
Vince Answers: Use freshdrop to find the domains, then check them in yahoo. (SEO for firefox tool will check this for you)

Karen Kramer Asks: Are you too busy partying on a Sat nite to answer all these stupid questions?
Vince Answers: Yes, which is why I’m writing all these answers on a Thursday night, before a sing star party tomorrow and going to a gay bar for a birthday party on Saturday. Straight women in gay bars are easy pickings ;-)

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