10 thoughts on “Inlinks Passive Income Q&A

  1. Hi Vince

    How many sites does this need to be done on to make up the numbers you give as examples?


  2. Hey Mate,

    Couple of questions here:

    1) What’s a simple way to check that our site is cooked enough to submit to inlinks – is it based on our backlinks stats or PR etc.?

    2) Can you please give us some tips on the godaddy domain auctions, that seems like a really good idea! Also when you say cheap, are you talking the <$100 domains? I’m using yahoo site explorer to check them but so far haven’t come accross any cheap ones with loads of backlinks etc.

    Thanks a lot man!


  3. Charlie on

    Hi ….

    A few questions:

    1. Is it best to generate some links to the site.

    2. What is the algorithm they use to dictate your income; is it on the PR and that dictates the cost they ppl pay or is it the same cost no matter what site you are on ?


  4. I have had one site accepted by inlinks and the other rejected and told to come back when it has more content. Hopefully the links will start up soon.

  5. What settings do you use in AMA? Do you Auto accept articles?

    What’s the advantage to setting blogs on subdomains as apposed to just adding AMA content to categories on the main blog?

  6. Do I need to wait until the sites are ranked and indexed with Google before adding InLinks?

    Does Inlinks rely solely on Alexa ranking for link value?

  7. Bill Thomson on

    Vince you mention letting a site cook for 2 to 3 weeks before submitting to InLinks – Is the waiting period based on waiting for a certain level of content before InLinks is happy or are we trying to spread the posts over time to avoid problems with Google?

  8. Bill Thomson on

    You mentioned not sticking too many domains in the same AMA/Godaddy/Inlinks accounts if you want to onsell the sites – how many would you bundle?

    Would it be best just to repeat & rinse with just the 5 top InLinks categories in bundles?

  9. Does it matter if you use subcategories from AMA instead of the top level? I.E. setting up individual blogs for each sub-category in the Insurance group instead of setting up more general blogs for just your top five …top level categories?

  10. When you look for auction domains on GoDaddy..what do you search for and how? i.e. do you look for domains with websites? do you use SEO firefox to check out domains? Is there an easier way to do this?

    What’s the best why to determine if an auction domain has backlinks?

    Are you too busy partying on a Sat nite to answer all these stupid questions?

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