How to increase page rank

Its a question that’s regularly asked, and with more and more articles about page rank, if its worthwhile or not, I thought I should weigh in and also tell you how to increase page rank.

Before I answer the question “How to increase page rank” – I’m getting on my soap box for a minute to discuss what is page rank, and does it matter?

Does Page Rank Matter?

SEOMoz did a (ahem, self serving) Page Rank Spearman Correlation… essentially Page Rank did statistically weight in to search rankings, just it isn’t the single most authoritative metric… which we already knew.

I was surprised SEOMoz concluded that this meant page-rank had very little at all to do with search rankings.

Au Contraire!!!

Potentially Googles Algorithm doesn’t allow any single metric to be the definitive reason for rankings, but we already guessed as much. Potentially no single metric is allowed to account for more than 25% of a pages ranking… that would make sense.

The number of backlinks (as reported by Yahoo) was apparently more influential on rankings than Page Rank – We already know backlinks are very important to rank for a term, but consider also that backlink counts will correlate with page rank to some degree…

While you shouldn’t get fixated on pagerank and pagerank alone, increasing your page rank is an important part of SEO.

So how do you actually increase your page rank?

The easiest way is… to get a link from a page with higher pagerank than your own… It is that simple… almost…

If you get a link from a page with a high page rank, but which is also linking out to lots of other websites, you probably won’t seen an increase in pagerank.

If your link on the website with higher pagerank than your own includes the no-follow tag, it definitely won’t help you get a higher page rank.

The easiest way I’ve found for how to increase page rank is to make friends with people on Lots of blogger profiles have high page ranks (PR6+) and people are more than willing to give you a link if you give them one in exchange.

3 thoughts on “How to increase page rank

  1. To the best of my knowledge, I have never seen a page have a page rank higher than the highest page rank of the pages that link to it.

    This is consistent with my understanding of how Googles page rank system works.

    A reasonable conclusion must therefore be to acquire as many high page rank links as possible on the assumption that your page rank can never be higher than the maximum page rank of the links that point to your page.

    It is as it is.


    Of course how you get those high page rank links is the challenge that all people in the SEO game must meet.

  2. Google is still updating publicized page rank, but its become apparent that page rank is much more difficult to achieve.

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