How to get “Jump To” links in Google Search Results

They have existed for at least 8 months now but there doesn’t seem to be any good documentation on how to get them. Considering it’s really a rather simple thing I thought I’d write a little how-to tutorial.

The “Jump To” link appears where one would normally expect the Meta Description to appear in the Google Search Results. This is a Jump To link in case you haven’t seen one before.


If you have a double listing, Jump-To links only seem to appear in the first result. This could be coincidence but it seems consistent.

How to get Jump To Links:

Jump To links are basically links within a page to another section on the same page.

Whenever you insert a <a name=”objectname”></a> you can link to that object with an <a href=”#objectname”>Anchor Text</a>

For example I will use three H3 headings and I will assign each a name.

Jump To Links

The code for this h3 heading is <h3><a name=”JumpToLinks”></a>Jump To Links</h3>

Google Jump To

The code for this h3 heading is <h3><a name=”GoogleJumpTo”></a>Google Jump To</h3>

SERP Jump To

The code for this h3 heading is <h3><a name=”SERPJumpTo”></a>SERP Jump To</h3>

Now I can link to each of these within the current page (try it)
Jump To Links (Code is <a href=”#JumpToLinks”>Jump To Links</a>)
Google Jump To (Code is <a href=”#GoogleJumpTo”>Google Jump To</a>
SERP Jump To (Code is <a href=”#SERPJumpTo”>SERP Jump To</a>)

Because I’ve now got links pointing to sections within the page, Google should show a Jump To link in the search results.

Conversion of jump-to links is also worth discussing – in some cases you are directing someone to a point way down the page. If this is the case you need to ensure you are showing conversion attributes no matter where they are. A simple solution is to use a Fixed Position Div displaying contact details, or a shopping cart, etc. this will float up and down the page as a user scrolls.

In terms of converting a Google search into a click, these jump-to links are relatively new and most people haven’t seen much of them yet. As a result currently the CTR of a search listing which includes a jump to link is measurably higher.

Do Jump To Links have any impact on SEO results? Not that I’ve been able to measure, but it stands to reason that if you are optimising one page for multiple keywords Jump To links may have a positive effect on your rankings.

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