Guest Blog Post Strategy

Do you want to write a guest post on my blog? And gain a link back to your blog? Well you can, just read on…

I was emailing one the guys that took up the Domain Name Investment opportunity just now. A really nice guy called Sam, and I also sent him a string of advice on how he could turn his Adsense only business into a much more substantial income. Believe me, Sam is an Adsense GOD! His Adsense income exceeds 90% of internet marketers total earnings.

There’s a little snippet of the email I thought would be great advice for a larger audience, so I’ve pasted it here.

You can also start talking to people who own other related websites and [you can] offer to do a “free guest blog post” or article. [You need to] make personal relationships with the owners of these websites and [also] let them do guest blog posts on your site.

Internet Marketers can be quite cagey about letting other people do guest blog posts [on their site] because you are promoting people other than yourself, but just remember this – If you are the only [one] doing it, you become the central person, the common denominator, the hub of the network… that’s a very powerful position to be in. AND – they are adding new content to your site for free… cool! :-)

Hypothetically if you exchanged posts with 10 other websites….
- You pass some of your traffic and SEO juice in 10 different directions
- You trade 10 articles for 10 articles (Fair?)
- Those 10 websites pass you some of their traffic and SEO juice…

Even if you are the biggest player in your market, by organizing your peers and competitors in a ring around you, you become the authority, both in the eyes of Google, but also in the eyes of your competitors and your target audience.

The result is increase SEO exposure and traffic – sweet.

Don’t be worried about helping competitors rank in the serps – for ever link your competitor gains, you gain 10 (in the hypothetical example above)

It’s the caring sharing approach to Internet Marketing – A concept that is about as common as Rocking-Horse Poo.

Now if you want to exchange a guest blog post with me, send me an email via the contact form.


2 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post Strategy

  1. This is Sam mentioned in above post. Last evening I was reading and checking out the fabulous content on this blog and am unable to believe that I will be working with Vince on this domain investment project.

    I can easily tell Vince is one of the few good internet marketers among a large pool infested with sharks.

    I am no adsense god, he is giving me more credit than due, just use a layout that is clean and no distracting links. One other tip is, use just one adsense block on the page so google shows their highest paying ads.

    Thanks Vince for your advice and insights


  2. Allowing guest posts on your blog seems like a good idea to me, at least once in awhile. Too many and I think your brand will become diluted, but occasionally would be a good way to build more value in your site in my opinion.

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