Google Page Previews

New from Google, apparently just a few hours ago, another update to the Google interface and user experience which goes by the name of “Google Instant Previews” – which are essentially page previews of search results.

My initial thoughts are:

1. It’s slow to load, so it probably wont have as big an impact as people may expect in the short term. This is quite a big factor considering how quickly results flash past with Google Instant Search

2. Big pictures showing the product people are looking for becomes much more important. Your pages need to look less spammy (sorry squeeze pages!)

3. SEO Click Through Rates may even-out more over the top 3-4 results. Result 3 may even get a higher SEO Ctr than Result 1.

4. Longer pages are better because they dominate more of the users screen when previewing a page.

So this adds a new SEO metric to our list of things to optimize – user appeal.

Your pages need to appeal visually to a user in order to get a high CTR from Google search results, which will in turn result in higher SEO rankings (Google is definitely tracking SEO CTR’s)

You can read more about it here… I found this page by searching for “Google Page Previews” after noticing I was getting page previews in my browser. I wasn’t sure if this was the result of a firefox plugin, or a Google Update – Apparently it was the latter.

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