Free Retweets Service – Review

It’s been reported widely by SEO blogs etc that twitter is having a powerful effect on rankings.

In the course of trying to jump on the same bandwagon I stumbled across a service called “” where you can buy re-tweets (or you can earn free retweets).

The maximum package size is 200 retweets for $40. This sounds like a reasonably good deal considering the profound effects others are reporting. Alternatively you can earn credits for yourself, and for each tweet you retweet, you earn half a free retweet. So if I retweet 400 other tweets, I’ve saved myself $40.

As with anything like this, I decided to give it a good go.

Earning free retweets isn’t as easy as it may sound. There are a very limited number of things to retweet and you need to log in regularly to be in with a chance of having enough things to retweet to earn enough of your own free retweets. I was quite surprised about this, because I thought the service would be a lot more popular and there would be a lot more opportunity to earn retweet credits.

So I logged in regularly over the course of 3 days and earn’t myself 55 free retweets which I then proceeded to use. To be honest, unless someone is being paid less than $2/hour, you’re better off just buying credits rather than trying to earn them.

With my 55 retweets I submitted my own tweet to be retweeted by 55 other people. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I was definitely expecting a little bit more than nothing.

First of all it took a very long time for my credits to be used up. I wanted them to fly out of the door in under an hour, but instead it took closer to a day and a half.

I’d only included one keyphrase in the tweets, and the target site didn’t budge even slightly for that key term.

I received absolutely no additional traffic, so no value there either, and I think I possibly received about 7 extra twitter followers, all of which were the “refollow or I’ll un-follow you” kind.

While I’m not going to base my conclusion on this one single test, I am going to say that retweeting isn’t all its cracked up to be if you’re using a service like

This may be down to twitter being over-hyped, or it could be down to the fact publish an rss feed of all the retweet request… which is just bloody stupid because all google has to do to filter out this manipulated retweeting, is subscript to the feed… or maybe googles twitter quality algorithm is excellent… who knows.

Give it a go here if you like… here’s the web address (these links are all affiliate links, and I’ll use any credits I earn from referring you, to do more tests)

One thought on “Free Retweets Service – Review

  1. I think that google and other search engines will soon work on retweets from users that are not authority users and count retweets from influencers in the industry more.

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