Ebay Telephone Upsell

A good friend of mine, Phill Mason has produced an excellent guitar training course (not released yet) and asked me to check it out for him…

Since I’m pretty much Phill’s target audience, and since I do want to learn to play guitar, I decided to buy a guitar…

That’s the back-story, but that’s not the point of the story…

I decided to buy an Electric Acoustic guitar, as a romantic I love the acoustic sound, and as a geek I like to record stuff. Perfect combination.

I didn’t look around long – I like the look and the price of these electric acoustic guitars from a company called Lindo LTD, and made the buy.

My new guitar… gorgeous isn’t she…

The usual ebay buying process goes like this:

  1. 1. Choose Item
  2. 2. Win Item (bid or buy it now)
  3. 3. Pay for item
  4. 4. Item gets dispatched and delivered

Lindo LTD adds a step in there… a step so profoundly forehead smacking I was floored by the obvious.

Step 3 ½

Lindo LTD phones the buyer, thanks the buyer for the purchase, confirms the shipping method and destination… and…


“We also sell a 15watt amplifier to go with that guitar for £39, which we can bundle in with the same postage charge.”

After I declined, I was then offered a further discount.

When was the last time you made an ebay purchase and you received a phone call from the seller? Never right?!?

When was the last time an ebay seller tried to up-sell you? Never right?!?


It’s brilliant! I don’t know if the guitar is going to be any good, it was a cheapie after-all, but I sure as shit know I’m super impressed with Lindo LTD’s after sales marketing.

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