EBay – Amazon Drop Shipping Strategy

Here’s a great little strategy for making money online, quickly and easily.

People new to selling online are faced with two major obstacles. First of all they need a product to sell, and second they need people to sell that product to.

An easy solution to the first problem is drop shipping – this allows you to sell real world solid and high value items, and it allows you to sell a huge range of products, without ever having to stock any of those products nor having to physically pack and ship products to customers. Essentially you sell a product, then you buy that product elsewhere and have them ship it to your customer directly, taking your middleman cut. This is the best way to hit the ground running without all the costs associated with warehousing, staff, stock, shipping, transport, etc.

To overcome the second problem I recommend online marketplaces, especially eBay, which is where I made my first money online when I was 16. That business bought me a top end computer system with RAID and dual 21” screens (back in the days when 15” was standard, and RAID hadn’t really been heard of) – it bought me a collection of 10+ remote control aeroplanes (back in they day when this stuff was really expensive) and a 6 week trip overseas with digital cameras etc. It’s fair to say I couldn’t complain about the profitability of that business as a 16yrold. EBay is such a massive marketplace but the magic lies in the visibility of products, in that every listing gets prominent exposure at some point in time.

So this is how to combine those two concepts together simply, quickly, easily and for free.

  • Find popular products on Amazon
  • Re-list them on eBay with a premium (20% mark-up is sufficient, but you can play around with this)
  • When you make a sale, buy the item from Amazon and sent it “As a gift” to the recipient.


They receive the item directly from Amazon, but there is no price attached to the item because it was sent
as a gift.

You can literally automate the turbo re-listing of Amazon products onto eBay, and you can automate the purchasing of a Amazon gifts and posting to your eBay customers.

People are making BIG MONEY doing this stuff – believe me!

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I wrote a while ago about an inLinks passive income strategy – while this strategy isn’t passive, it’s the closest thing to it. Its so simple!

2 thoughts on “EBay – Amazon Drop Shipping Strategy

  1. Toni S on

    No wonder DropShippers.com sold for $1.5 Million recently, the potential is HUGE.

  2. Might be a little tricky with the price fluctuations on Amazon.

    I’d be a little worried about an Ebay item arriving at a customers door in an Amazon box with an Amazon receipt inside. Expect some less than desirable feedback when they go to Amazon.com and find out how much they could have paid.

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