DomainFace Pro Review

I did a DomainFace review months ago when the first version of DomainFace was released with Domain Samurai and at the time I gave DomainFace a glowing report as the best domaining tool – unfortunately since then the market has changed and there is a new top dog.

DomainFace Pro!

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I could waffle on with a big long domainface pro review, and I could keyword stuff the domainface pro review with the keyword “DomainFace Pro Review” (see what I did there? Oh come on, this is business, and my business is SEO), or I could just show you the advanced search screen…


It looks like domain face pro could search for a needle in a haystack!

I need to come clean, I’m doing this domain face pro review based on quite a bit of experience with the software. Following the initial software release, Nathan Ridley they genius (Australia) developer asked me to alpha and beta test Domainface Pro.

I’ve bought a heap of domains with the software and here are my favourite pieces of DomainFace Pro:

Email Alerts – a very new addition which has saved me logging in and doing the same old extremely refined domain search. Instead I receive an email whenever Domain Face Pro finds new domains that match my search.

This software has given me a massive competitive advantage. The complexity of my domain search strings is growing and growing, as is the quality of the domains I’m purchasing.

I’m also buying domains for less and less, thanks to another new feature – Automated bidding.

In the early days of my Domain Face Pro Review period, I was having to big on domains manually – since I don’t like spending every second of the day managing domain auctions, I would place in a holding minimum bid, and then watch the price of the domains increase, deciding whether or not there was enough value in the domain to increase my bids.

The problem is, as soon as I placed a holding bid, the market would be alerted of a domain receiving a bid, and every man and his dog would go and check it out. Now with automated bidding I can stick in a minimum bid, go to bed with a book, and in the morning I’ve often landed a cracking domain for pennies.

The server stats behind domainface pro are beyond impressive. These guys are running a data centre to hold and process all these domains. Here is a screenshot of the stats from my panel.

The search results page is comprehensive and easy to understand – you can sort to your hearts content by any of the variables to prioritise the data however you like.

I think pictures speak louder than words – so I’m keeping my domainface pro review short and sweet. Check out the images, then click here to get access to the most powerful domaining tool available in the world.

That is my honest opinion – I’ve discussed in my first domainface review how I had good reasons not to support the software, but my integrity would be compromised if I didn’t say that Domainface Pro is the best in the market – its just a fact.

Check it out through my affiliate link here and get a short free trial – or if you’d prefer to click without an affiliate link (and no free trial), click here instead.

Highly recommended for any Domainer and serious SEO.

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