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This is a genuine review, I’ve got a very good reason not to support Domain Face, but credit where credit is due. While writing this review I spoke to Nathan Ridley, the guy who wrote Domain Face, and Brent Hodgson, the face of the Noble Samurai team. Thanks to them I can give you some insights into the scale of the applications.

I’ve actually written my own expired domain checking tool, I’ve got a little screenshot below… It works, and it checks a few things Domain Samurai and Domain Face don’t check, but it definitely isn’t attractive. But my privately written software doesn’t measure up to Domain Face and Domain Samurai by a massive margin…
Partly because it’s butt ugly.

Data Confidence –

I checked over 100 domains and there were only two inconsistencies. My own tool has a higher rate of inconsistency, with one in twenty results being inconsistent. God knows why, but it goes to show the data is solid.

While doing this Domain Samurai review I found myself bidding on domains with complete confidence, not even cross checking the data. When I realised, it worried me slightly and I went back to check on all the domains I’d bid on – My confidence was strengthened when all were as expected.

The Fake PR warnings seem to be pretty bullet proof, which gives me further confidence in these tools

Database Size –

How many domains does Domain Face check? Over half a million! And it has full data for each. Also 3% of these domain names have a page rank of 1 or above. The daily domain turnover is between 15000 and 40000 domains. (That’s at least 450 new domains per day with a page rank of 1 or above – sweet!)

I’ve cross checked many of the competitors and none are listing more than 20% of the results Domain Face and Domain Samurai come up with, at best! In other words, Domain Face seems to have a database of Domains five times larger than any other expired domain checking tool.

Another little statistic… Every month – Domain Face gulps 300gb of data processing expired domain names.

Keyword to New Domain Search –

I was a little bit staggered by this feature when I started my Domain Samurai review. This feature is frightfully powerful…

By having the keyword in an exact match .com domain name, you essentially steal a top position in the search results. If you can find an exact match domain name which is un-registered and which has over 1000 searches per month, just by sticking an Adsense optimised blog on that domain name, it will pay for itself very quickly.

This is where huge power is derived from integrating Domain Face with Domain Samurai – the keyword research power from Market Samurai, mixed with the domain name trawling ability of Domain Face. Wow…

The result is a system which allows you to build a massive network of sites which each earn very good profits, and which give you a massive lump of SEO power should you choose to use it.

I found one the first time I tried… Apple Tart Recipe gets 1300 searches per month exact match… is available to register… To me that’s a no-brainer (But I can’t be bothered right now and have bigger fish to fry, so I’m not registering it…)

Domains with existing Page Rank –

Very Very powerful tools of SEO destruction – a domain with existing PR is like a lethal weapon. My test strategy is to buy a series of PR4 domain names, set up Adsense optimised blogs on each, and wait for the traffic to turn into cash. I have very little doubt each could be driving 100 visitors per day (Its worked every single time in the past, with blogs with PR as low as 2) – and with a nice easy 5% CTR the ROI for each blog is about 1000%. Cool – plus, they are SEO link building mega powerhouses. A PR4 link is as powerful as about 25 PR1 links…

I bid on quite a number of PR4 domain names, at $69 each. I’ll update this post when I have success or failure. Also interesting, is that a PR4 domain name will sell on for more than $300 fairly consistently, even without a website… So here is another little strategy… Buy a domain name with page rank, build a little website on it, sell it on flippa for 700% margin… sweet!

Check out this Domain Samurai search for “Wave” – showing a REAL PR5, a fake PR5 and PR4, and then some other results.

Domain Samurai Review - Domain Face Review

Speed –

Lightning quick – All the domain data is pre-processed on the server side, which means it loads in seconds, with all of the values right there! It couldn’t be any quicker.

The Competition –

Um, in this case, there pretty much isn’t any competition worth mentioning… None have the processing ability of Domain Face. Very few can give you PR and backlink numbers. And they are impossible to locate… try searching for one… they are pretty much hidden in the ether of the web.

Feature Request –

I’d like Domain Samurai to have a live re-check button – just to increase my confidence from 98% to 100%

Price –

Domain Samurai is FREE – download it free here!

To unlock the full functionality you do need a domain face account.

Domain Face is Free for 7 days through this link… Lifetime membership to Domain Face is $197, or one year’s access is $97. This is an affiliate link – if you want to thank me for an honest review, please use it. If you would rather have confidence in my review, this link isn’t an affiliate link.

As far as a Domain Face Review, or a Domain Samurai Review goes, you’ve seen a bit about what’s possible with these tools. This review was written pre-release, and most likely these tools will evolve massively, but this is my conclusion.

Domain Samurai is free – you can find exact match domains for keywords with traffic for FREE – that is BIG! download it free here!

Domain Face is CHEAP! – it allows you to find domains which would otherwise cost a small fortune. Get a free 7 day trial… I would recommend buying the lifetime membership and avoid any price increases with the addition of new features etc.


Domainface Pro has been released, check out my domainface pro review


I’ve had so much success with Domain Samurai and Domain Face I’ve maxed out my credit cards buying domains. Which has caused me to put up a domain name investment opportunity – I’m currently bidding on 57 PR5+ domain names, and I’ve managed to buy some whoppers. PR6′s for $174, PR5′s for as little as $59! Just go have a look on flippa to see how much people are selling PR5′s and PR6′s for… Lets just say these tools have launched me into ROI heaven!

8 thoughts on “Domain Samurai Review & Domain Face Review

  1. But you don’t tell us the reason you mentioned in the first line you had for not supporting it Vince…or did I miss it somewhere?

  2. Jeff on

    Well Vince – a great review & proof that things don’t stand still on the web!

    9pm BST – checked my inbox, email from Market Samurai inviting me to download my copy Domain Samurai. Done.
    9.03pm BST checked my Twitter Feed – saw your Tweet about this review. Read your review.
    9.05pmBST Thought I’d take advantage of your generosity and register for myself.
    9.05pm+30 seconds Log in to 123 and search for and someone had beaten me to it!

    Best of luck to them – I’m off to play with Domain Samurai myself!


  3. “Catering Trailers” – if that is your real name ;-) some bridges aren’t worth burning. So I’d better not elaborate.

    Jeff – I really enjoyed your comment – made me actually laugh… I’m planning to release a little list of domains with page rank that you don’t even need to bid on soon. Stay tuned.

  4. Thanks for the review Vince. I have played with domains for some time and could call it an addiction. I was using a tool called dropshark which was made by some of the guys from enom I think, but it no longer loads the database as this was proving too expensive. Plus the data is now freely available. I have been looking for an alternative and will investigate domainface etc..

  5. Great review Vince. I have been using it for some time and have already picked up a domain which I expect to turn into a $1000 per month business over the next few months for $69. PR4, hundreds of backlinks, Yahoo and DMOX registered. Neat.

    Good point about the opportunity that is buying and then selling on Flippa. I have already done this a couple of times and it works well.

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  7. Wow Vince – since you were able to compare it with your own piece of software this might be the best review of Name Samurai on the web.

    Hope you get plenty of good links as a result.

    Can’t think who might have bought the apple tarty domain name ;)

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