Domain Name Investment Opportunity

There is a really big barrier to entry when it comes to buying GREAT domains. I’m doing things the vast majority of people just can’t do… I’ve written proprietary domaining software which I only use in-house, and I’ve been building SEO networks for about six years. There are huge barriers to finding the best domains, and there is a bunch of experience and knowledge required to make the most of them.

I’m bidding for too many high page rank domain names – My credit cards are maxed and I just keep finding more top-notch domains to buy. I’m currently bidding on Fifty Seven PR5+ domain names

I’m buying PR5’s for $150-$300, and PR6’s for less than $1000 – I’m snatching up PR4’s for less than $70, and I’m grabbing PR3’s for registration fees alone.

I’ve got fantastic domains coming out of my ears!!!

My process includes buying a PR5 domain, and then building a site which will turn around 3000 visitors per month (average), within six months. These sites are valuable without traffic, but generating traffic turns them into high value and highly sought after assets.

So here’s my proposition:

I will…

• Find the domains,
• Bid for the domains,
• Purchase the domains,
• Manage the name servers,
• Host the websites and pay for hosting,
• Setup auto-blogging on the domains,
• Pay for all software subscriptions needed,
• Sanitize the blog themes,
• Track and Optimise the sites

All you need to do is sponsor the domain purchases. If you have a preference of topic we can accommodate that.

The deal goes like this – I will place up to 2 links in the blog roll of each site, and I will periodically add links from within articles. I will place Adsense on the sites to cover all future domain renewal costs and hosting costs (SEO Hosting is expensive! $5 per month, per site!)

You get up to 5 blog roll links, and you can post whatever content you want, linking to wherever you want. You can also edit auto-posted content to include links to your own sites.

Its like the old days of Search Engine Trust, but without the risk, with no recurring costs, and with complete control.

We will run the sites like this for a minimum of six months, and then if you would like, we can organise to list the domains and sites on Flippa. If you don’t want to sell the sites, that’s completely up to you. If we do sell them, you get the initial purchase price back instantly, and we split the profit 50/50.

The opportunity here is two-fold…

Huge SEO Power -

If you need SEO power, these sites are absolute rocket fuel. A lot of the secret to my past successes comes from this very strategy

Flipping for profit -

In the Domain Samurai Review & Domain Face Review post – “Entrepreneur Solo” commented:

Good point about the opportunity that is buying and then selling on Flippa. I have already done this a couple of times and it works well.

If we are buying a PR5 domain for $300, and listing it for sale in 6 months, most will command bids above $500. If we add traffic (and Adsense revenue too, remember) – the auction value of these domains goes up big style! So even if you don’t need the SEO power (we can work out a deal here on the re-sale value) – buying domains, building sites and flipping them, is rather profitable.

If you are interested send me a message (via my contact form) and tell me how much you would like to invest in domains. At this stage I’m looking at a minimum of one PR5 per investor, which means you need to commit at least $300 to the deal. More often than not I can get a PR5 for less than $300 and naturally you will only pay the cost of the domain, not more.

That’s the deal, take it or leave it ☺

p.s. Obviously I can’t guarantee profits, or that sites will maintain page rank, but I will use all of my experience and knowledge to ensure we buy the best and do the best with them.


I’ve already got investors for 13 PR5+ domains. Get yours!

2 thoughts on “Domain Name Investment Opportunity

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  3. Vince, if you want to do an interview with me – walk me through your methodology; I’m sure you’ll get enough interested parties.

    I will be blogging on, so enough folks will see what you do and the value.

    Please let me know if you are interested. We can start a discussion going. I truly don’t fully understand the methodology – but would like to learn, and hopefully find as many money folks as you need.

    Let me know if I can help. Todd

  4. Hello Sir,

    I am just getting started on domaining for my own businesses, and I am beginning to realize how many bargains there are out there.

    I would like to chat with you, and while I may not be an intial investor, long term I would. Look forward to talking to you.


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