Does NLP Work? Dr Manipulator comments…

This is the best comment I’ve ever had on my blog – it seriously made me giggle. I’m re-posting it as a dedicated blog post to give it the exposure it deserves. Many folk in Internet Marketing profess to exercise NLP in their copy writing etc… good luck to them, but in my opinion they aren’t doing their intelligence, conversions or reputation any favours.

The comment was posted on an article I wrote 7 Months ago called NLP is Fart – needless to say I think NLP is Bullshit… Does NLP Work? I say no…

Commenter “Dr Manipulator” seems to agree – just with the added bonus being from an educated stand point of professional perspective…

I’m not going to write any more – I’m just trying to steal Dr Manipulators limelight…


Hello all,

I have a hard time with NLP and I have TRIED my best to keep my mind open. Now it’s closed… NLP is for those who want to follow others, and cannot lead their own life, they can not think of things outside of what others are telling them is cool. They are manipulated.

The best point that Vince has made, that rates NLP up into the Fullest Extend of Bullshit Law, is that it uses bullshit words to describe what they are describing. Look at this…

Neuro = brain processing information – information from sub consciousness, feeling, desires, fears.

Linguistic = Communicating that information through words

Programming = means to manipulate something, change it

By name NLP means I can change my sub conscious, my feelings, and my fears, by speaking different words.
Ok so here is the problem. This is the same as suppressing my feeling, fears, desires. I am not expressing them, so I must just be pushing them down further. So I am basically creating neurosis in myself by just ignoring my real feelings and desires etc etc.

So then next – what in the hell does nuero linguistic programming (i.e. Self Inflected Neurosis, SIN? Haha) have to do with mirroring another person’s non-verbal behavior. It means that you are so busy looking for my movements that you are not really listening to what I am saying.

So you suck as a coach if you can’t even truly hear what I am saying I need help with. You’re trying to make me feel that you are connected to me…but you are not because you are not understanding me, because your too busy looking at my tits…or my eyes…or whatever.

And calling Vince out on his ability to do web marketing is bullshit also. He is expressing an opinion, he has good points, it’s confusing. Even the damn creators are confused on what it is. I read their first book, it’s a little confusing….refers to basic psychology, then everything after that was spread out over many people’s opinions. Like a bunch of dogs jumping on a pile of catfish…whatever that means.

Anyone who believes NLP is helping them, needs to keep an open mind to the possibility that this is just a manipulation tactic that people are over using, over claiming, and being over confident in.

I am a Licensed Psychologist, I would never manipulate someone to ignore their feelings, and if you look at NLP closer than you are, you will see that is what it does.

NLP IS 125% BULLSHIT, the 25% is for all you claiming it’s real.

3 thoughts on “Does NLP Work? Dr Manipulator comments…

  1. Even Richard Bandler (one of the co-creators) says he simple made up the whole idea of NLP – it’s a mishmash of a whole host of things.

    At the moment it’s a little over hyped and seems to attract the wrong attention since many people think it involves some form of manipulation – causing people to do something against their will.

    I’m sure if you wanted to use it like a dickhead you could but that goes for just about anything. I personally find many parts useful and once I started to dig a little deeper, I started to appreciate its applications.

    Maybe I give it 20% bullshit, 80% useful. Anyway, each to their own.

    David Jenyns

  2. you call your self a psychologist ha ha learn how to speak and some manners. Give up some proof about richard bandler and if nlp is not good you create something that will change people around you. I thought so lol all confused now talk good or else stay quite.

  3. T. S. on

    Sounds to me like the whining of someone that had all his life believed in a flat world and just can’t stand the fact that the world turned out to be round and his beliefs are outdated. NLP, like other hypnotherapy options can do easily what traditional psychology has attempted for sooo long to do mostly without success…. helping people mentally to live better, happier and more efficient lifes.

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