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Lets ask ourselves a question – since we have nothing to lose by using do-follow on every link, why do we still use no-follow on blog comment links?

All new comments on my blog need to be approved manually, and akismet takes care of the spam, so why do I still have no-follow on all links in the comments?

It simply serves no purpose anymore!

To promote and incentivise contributors to my blog, I’ve installed the do-follow wordpress comments plugin – I highly recommend you do the same.

So as of today, all past and new comments will no longer have the no-follow attribute applied to comments.

Happy times!

6 thoughts on “Do-Follow Comments

  1. You are right… in some ways we are now having an edge over spam. So maybe we are just not being completely rational here?

    We run a blog too, and started out being overly protective… Just to realize we had to worry less about spam and more about getting people involved.

  2. Avi Dofollow on

    I also use dofollow blogs for SEO.
    There are also a few tools that help you find such blogs (like Dofellow)

  3. These are good tips for commenting in dofollow websites.
    I also have a dofollow blog and get a lot of these spammy comments. I also gave the same tips in my blog. It’s weird that people go through all the trouble of finding dofollow blogs and when they finaly find these blogs, they do not invest the extra 5 minutes to actually read the article and post a thoughtful comment.

  4. I think that moderated dofollow comments are the future. Everyone started slapping ‘nofollow’ on everything back when it first came out because spammers were out of control. But the reality is that links to legit sites do not hurt your page rank, and many people think that it actually helps.

    Dropping ‘nofollow’ helps make up and coming blogs a lot more popular too, the most prolific commenters are other bloggers who want to promote their own sites.

    It is nice to see the trend reversing, for a while there I thought all the links on the internet were going to get “nofollow” slapped on them.

  5. I guess most people use nofollow simply because it’s the default and it requires more knowledge and effort to remove it. I also think most people are even not aware of the nofollow tag in their blog.

  6. I was concerned about this no-follow issue on blogs. I will give this plugin a try….thanks for the tip!

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