Different browsers for Different Things.

Isn’t it odd how everyone seems to have a single browser preference, a choice based on a mixture between speed, functionality, hype or ignorance.

My primary browser is Firefox because of the plugins for SEO, good tabbed browsing and speed. The plugins I rely on include: Session Manager, SEO for Firefox, Firebug, FireFTP, Search Status and a couple of others (Cookie Swap is worth mentioning too) – Firefox is generally used by the enlightened single browser user.

IE6 is used generally by ignorant people who haven’t discovered a better single browser choice. However I use IE6 to check how web pages render, but I know many web designers who’ve never checked. I also use IE6 to check google results in comparison with other browsers.

Since Safari has limited functionality it’s mostly used by Mac newbie’s who haven’t found out how to install something better. I also use safari for any websites/pages which are likely to lag my Macbook. Heavy Java Apps, Flash, Silverlight and Youtube. If I run these within firefox the whole browser lags to the point of hopelessness. This way I can blow up safari without losing the 20 odd critical browser tabs in Firefox. I also use Safari as another point of reference for search engine rankings. Safari renders pages slightly differently too, being more forgiving than Firefox.

Again I use Chrome in the same way as safari. Chrome has been adopted by Google fans, but personally I haven’t quite find the excitement in it. As well as another point of reference in SEO rankings, Chrome is also another suicide browser (one I can pop off when it starts to lag)

IE7 I never use, anything IE6 can render, IE7 can render. IE7 is generally used by PC owners (eww) that haven’t found firefox yet.

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