Crawl Rate of Dormant Domains

I bought a domain name last Friday for £xx,xxx – it was brand new and had never been used before, other than an extremely basic holding page for the past 12 years. Come Monday afternoon there was a 5400 page website online with a huge volume of unique content, fully SEO’ed.

I started with the usual trickle of link building to get the domain and pages indexed, verified with webmaster tools and uploaded sitemaps. All part of the standard procedure for launching a new site.

Webmaster tools showed me a rather interesting piece of information regarding the crawl rate of this dormant (for 12 years!) domain.

Basically it looks like every 25 days the google spider came to have a peek at the domain. After seeing no changes it went on its merry way and revisited 25 days later… it looks like a pretty consistent pattern.

The only pain in the bum about this kind of dormant domain is that once you do start building it up, getting Google on board again can take a little longer than with a brand spanka domain.

I thought it was a rather interesting little piece of info.

One thought on “Crawl Rate of Dormant Domains

  1. But definitely not the same problems getting this blog re-indexed after the design update… just post this one little article and within 15 seconds its in googles searchable index. saweeeeet!

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